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Thus, less energy is used to heat up or cool down the air, results on lower energy bill. Moreover, in lobby and corridors, energy saving lightings is used to reduce local pollution and the emissions of greenhouse gases. About the sleeping area, the hotel installed heat pumps which recover heat from the chillers. Using heat pumps can reduce the carbon emissions and it has an efficient conversion rate of energy to heat. Besides, Longhand Place hotel use treated seawater for toilet flushing, this can reduce the usage of fresh water and thus cut the water cost.

In the eating or drinking area, in-house organic herbal garden is developed that supply the kitchen and bar use. The food waste from the hotel can be converted into fertilizer for the organic herbal garden, and at the same time with planting herbals, photosynthesis of herbals can provide fresh air. In the meeting or accelerating area, electronic signage is used for all banquet and meetings. The benefits of this electronic signage are no paper waste, dynamic content control and cost- effectiveness. The hotel also offer green table setting options to reduce wastage, tea- reek decoration use environmental conservation as theme.

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