Susan Glaspell play “Trifles” Essay

For this assignment. you will be reading and analysing the Susan Glaspell drama. Trifles. As you read the drama you will detect that its format is rather different from that of a short narrative or novel. At first. reading the phase waies. characters’ names and duologue may experience awkward ; but rest assured that. as you keep reading you will happen your beat and be able to follow the narrative with small trouble.

Please compose an essay of 1000 words or more discoursing the inquiries at a lower place. As ever. get down your paper with an prosecuting debut and clear thesis statement. develop each point in the organic structure of your paper utilizing illustrations and quotation marks from the drama. and reason your paper with a restatement of your thesis and shutting comments. In add-on. be certain to keep your credibleness by including in-text commendations and a mention list right formatted in APA manner.

Puting: What is the scene of the drama. in footings of the clip period. part and conditions? Explain the status of the house. What emotional response does the puting evoke in you? Fictional characters: Describe the chief characters: county lawyer George Henderson. sheriff Henry Peters. neighbour Lewis Hale. Mrs. Hale. and Mrs. Peters. What do you besides know about John and Minnie Wright? Who in this narrative do you experience is/are the supporter ( s ) and who is/are the adversary ( s ) ? Plot: Sum up the secret plan of the drama in footings of its narrative discharge ( besides known a pyramidic form ) : expounding. lifting action. struggle. flood tide. falling action and resolution/denouement.

What makes the narrative suspenseful? Stage Directions: Remark on Glaspell’s phase waies. What information do they uncover that you would hold non been able to reap from the duologue entirely? Symbolism: Elaborate on the symbolic significance of the birdcage. the dead fink. the noose and the points referred to as “trifles. ” Subjects: Remark on the chief messages of this drama. What is the significance of the rubric. Trifles? In your sentiment. what is Glaspell stating about gender differences and matrimony in this narrative? Genre: Because this is a drama. most of the narrative is told in duologue format. Joint the differences between reading a play and reading a short narrative.

Remark. excessively. on the experience of reading a play versus watching it performed by histrions. Concluding Ideas: Trifles is based on a true offense narrative that Susan Glaspell reported on as a journalist from 1898-1901. Make some background research on the existent events ( one recommended web site is http: //www. midnightassassin. com/index. hypertext markup language ) and compose about the increasing empathy Glaspell felt toward Margaret Hossack. the alleged murderess. as Glaspell covered the instance. Make you sympathize with Hossack and her fictional opposite number. Minnie Wright? Why or why non? What overall impact has the drama had on you?

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