Supply Management in the Healthcare Industry

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Research shall play an important role in order to ensure that the researcher shall meet the objectives of this study, as enumerated in the first chapter. According to Clover and Balsley (1988), research is a process by which accurate answers to pertinent, significant, important questions are obtained through the use of the scientific method. This generally means that the scientific method, a structural process, shall play an important role in gathering and interpreting important information needed by the author of this study.It is then because of this that this study shall go through the following steps, as outlined by Trochim (2006): (1) the formation of the topic; (2) hypothesis; (3) conceptual definitions; (4) operational definitions; (5) the gathering of data; (6) the analysis of data; (7) testing and revising the hypothesis; and finally, (8) conclusion to the study. Generally, there are two types of research: applied and basic.

While basic research is in itself “pure” since it only aims to extend knowledge or discover something, applied research aims to find answers to a certain problem so as to aid decision making (Berkeley National Laboratory, n.d. ).On the other hand, there are also three methods that can supplement research activities and these are the following: (1) the experimentation method wherein steps and processes are controlled in order to test the hypotheses developed by the researcher (Wagner, 2008); (2) the historical method which makes use of data from history in order to predict trends (Garraghan and Delanglez, 1946); and lastly, (3) the statistical method which primarily uses quantitative data (Shewhart, 1986).

3. 2. 2.Research and the Scientific Method As earlier mentioned, this study shall follow the scientific method as it looks for answers to the different questions enumerated in the first chapter. The Kenneth Lafferty Family Charitable Foundation (2008) presents an overview of the scientific method, defining it as a process of experimentation that is usally used to explore observations and at the same time, to answer questions.

More often than not, it is generally used to search for cause and effect relationships.It is usually made up of the following steps, as enumerated by the Kenneth Lafferty Family Charitable Foundation (2008): (1) asking questions; (2) doing background research; (3) hypothesis construction; (4) hypothesis testing through experiment; (5) analyzing results and drawing conclusion; and finally, (7) the reporting of results that is usually accompanied by recommendations for future researchers who would like to pursue further studies on the topic.As repeatedly mentioned both the qualitative and quantitative approaches to research would be used in order to meet the objectives of this study and at the same time, answer the questions formulated by the researcher. Because of this, both secondary and primary data shall be used.For this study, primary data shall come from the responses of the one hundred and fifty (150) respondents who were given the task to accomplish the questionnaire developed by the researcher.

On the other hand, secondary data shall come from various resources such as the following: (1) records of healthcare institutions; (2) books; (3) journals; (4) experiments conducted by previous researchers; (5) articles made available by the World Wide Web and others.

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