Supply Management

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Supply Management – The manner by which organizations controls or manages the acquisition of products needed for the delivery of their services.

Simply put, the management of the supply chain. Supply Chain – Composed of three important things: (1) goods; (2) money; and lastly, (3) the flow of information. 1. 8. Overview of the Study This study shall be organized into six chapters.The first one would be devoted to the introduction, covering the background of the topic at hand, with subsections such as the following: (1) statement of the problem; (2) the purpose of the study; (3) the importance of the study; (4) the scope of the study; (5) the rationale of the study; (6) the definition of terms; and lastly, (7) a brief overview of the study.

The second chapter or the review of the related literature would present a detailed explanation of the topic at hand, based on the discussion made by previous researchers. It would provide a synthesis and analysis of existing body of knowledge while identifying major theories and models that may be used in explaining the data. Various sources of information would be used in the literature review such as articles made available by the World Wide Web and books that the researcher consider important for this particular study.The third chapter shall then present the different methods (both qualitative and quantitative) that the researcher would use in order to obtain the necessary data. It is also in this chapter that the data collection tool and procedure would be analyzed together with the sampling method that the researcher shall be using.

This chapter shall also describe the statistical methods that the researcher shall be using in order to analyze the data obtained from the quantitative aspect of the study.The fourth chapter would then be devoted to the presentation of the primary results which shall then be compared with the secondary data in the fifth chapter. Lastly, the researcher would conclude the study in the sixth chapter, presenting a summary and conclusion of the study together with a recommendation for those who would want to undertake a future research on the topic.

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