Supply Chain Management

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Without a doubt, supply management practices have increased its popularity because of the benefits that it promises to those that would make use of such management tool. However, it is basically its promise to reduce costs and improve business operations that the use of supply management has been very popular amongst almost all industries nowadays.

This literature review primarily focused on the experiences of the American healthcare industry which was seen to have lagged behind their other counterparts due to different factors such as the following: (1) its nature; (2) the different kind of relationships that exist between the members of the industry; (3) the inability of institutions to make use of the different technological tools; (4) the inability of the organizations in the industry to provide synchronized data; and finally, (5) the inability of the sector to standardize their products.

The aforementioned problems are basically the reasons why the healthcare industry is unable to improve their practices of supply management tools despite the fact that they still have the greatest opportunity to transform their entire processes. Also, it could no longer be denied that the members of the healthcare industry could benefit so much in the event that supply management practices are

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developed, which could possibly still be achieved when proper attention has been paid to. Because of this, significant alterations must be made to the healthcare industry in order to efficiently improve the status of their supply management practices.

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