Supervising in hospitality industry

The duties and activities assigned to a given job or person, a long with an obligation to carry them out.
Processing the rights and powers to make the decisions and take the proper actions to get the job done.
Conceptual skills
Ability to see the whole picture and the relationship of each part of the whole.
Participative management
A system that includes employees in making decisions that concerned them.
Technical skills
The ability to perform the task of the people supervised.
Scientific management
Standardization of work procedures, tools, and conditions of work.
What is a supervises responsibilities for?
The output of the people supervised for the quantity and quality of the products and services.
Definition responsibility
Refers to the obligation that a person has to carry out certain duties and activities.
Are exempt employees covered by the federal and state wage and hour laws.
Definition work climate
Level of morale the workplace.
Know the four main functions of management
Planning, organizing, leading and controlling
Definition of human relations theory
A theory that states that satisfying the needs of employees is the key to productivity.
What three skills do managers need?
Technical, human skills, conceptual
Definition of opportunity thinkers
Those who concentrate or constructive ways to deal with a challenging situation.
Scientific management is associated with?
Frederick Taylor
Definition style of flex style
Adjusting decisions and actions to the needs of the situation.
Human relations theory
Emphasize the important of workers as individuals.
What are some of the human skills needed by a manager?
Sensitivity two workers personal needs.
Definition of management theory
Must be adapted to the situation and the people involved.
Supervisors obligation to customers
See that there needs and desires are met, train workers and guest relations and represent the enterprise as well.
A supervisor must work overtime without pay when?
Supervisors two or more people, spends 50% or more of their time managing and make $455 a week or more.
Humanistic management
The approach to management that blends standardized station, concerned with people, and participative techniques.
Cross training
Can help keep workers interested in motivated, as well as reduce turnover.
Definition of learning
Knowledge, skills and attitudes.
A good job training program
Should be well organized as a series of written training plans
Where does the supervises authority come from?
Power to hire and fire, reward and punish, disciplinary action and the acceptance of authority by coworkers.
Management by example
Setting a good example for your coworkers.
In employee as much commitment and enthusiasm but little competence the work.
Leadership style refers to?
The manner of interaction the supervisor uses with employees and dictating and controlling the work.
A fear and punishment leadership style?
Brings resentment, low morale, personnel problems and works well with people who expect it.
Theory X
People just like work and must be threatened with punishment to get the job done.
Theory Y
Work is as natural as play.
Laissez Faire
Leadership style that delegates all authority and power to the employee.
Situational leadership
Holds that the degree of worker precipitation should depend on work, the people, the leader and time pressures.
Development of leaders
Managers members of the primary benchmark for evaluating successes and failures.
Formal leaders
Considered” in charge”.
Definition discrimination
Refers to the act of treating persons wrong for reasons that do not relate to their abilities.
Benefit gained learning about workforce generations?
Better understand and appreciate each made more effectively frustrate work for staff of different ages.
Keeping the establishment on track to achieve goals through setting performance standards and determining whether they are obtained.
Involves arranging efforts in an orderly manner.
Influencing others
Gaining cooperation through caring and offering constructive feedback.
Leadership style for managing inexperienced employees who must learn proper procedures.
Refers to defining goals, establishing strategies to achieve them, and designing ways to get their work done.
Motivating others
Giving pep talks, providing employees with a sense of belonging.
Recognize example of felicitating employees
Managers felicitate their employees work when they help them get ready to do it and when they address challenges as the work is done.
What can a manager do to foster positive cross culture interaction?
Model behavior expected of employees.
Democratic leadership
Encourages employees to participate in the decision-making process that leads to cooperation and group spirit.
Proposed of having an organizational code of ethic?
Safety check for evaluating decisions before implications.
Refers to understanding that each employee is unique, extending acceptance and respect extending to customers and vendors.
Beliefs a bout particular groups that assume all members of that group are the same.
Screening applicants
Step of employment cycle which is the evaluation of knowledge, skills and abilities to assessed their fit for the job.
Refers to determining how and by whom work tasked will be done.
Avantage becoming an employer of choice?
Maximize employee retention.
1) strictly by the book
2) relies on rules and regulations
3) ask like he or she is a police officer
4) appropriate when employees are permitted no discretion
1) shows little concern about others opinion
2) dictate task to be accomplished
1)Collaborates opinions when decision-making
2) is a concerned coach of the team
3) wants to share responsibility
1) hands off approach
2) turned over control delegate authority
3) style works well when employees are self motivated

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