Sun Vs. Microsoft 18623
Sun Vs. Microsoft 18623

Sun Vs. Microsoft 18623

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  • Published: November 12, 2018
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Sun Microsystems, Inc.


By 1998 Sun had become a global Fortune 500 leader in enterprise network computing with operation


s in 150 countries and generating $8 billion in revenues. Sun’s competitors in the technical markets were primarily Intel, Hewlett-Packard (HP), International Business Machine (IBM), Compaq Computer Corporation (CPQ) and Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI).

The information technology industry, the market for Sun’s services and products, was extremely competitive in 1998. The industry is characterized by rapid, continuous change, frequent performance improvements, short product life cycles, and price reductions. The good reputation of Sun Microsystems will continue to serve the company well. Sun was the leading provider of UNIX-based servers. Java helped increase sales.

Products & Services

Sun Microsystems is a company that is at the top of their game. Offering products with unmatchable capabilities, Sun has concentrated on the mission that its CEO, Scott McNealy has upheld since the beginning, “The Network is the Computer.” Since its founding in 1982 and the beginning of McNealy’s tenure as president in 1984, Sun has continued to grow as its products give the customer abilities that no one else offers. The vision that Scott McNealy has adopted has been the focus of the company for years. Sun aims to make all computers compatible with each other over a network. Computers, when manufactured by different companies, can run on several different operating systems yet be able to work together. The Sun products described below attempt to accomplish the mission that Sun has set to facilitate communication on a global level.

Enterprise Servers

Sun Enterprise servers deliver unmatched scalability so the customer can concentrate on expanding his/her business without worrying about how his/her information systems will keep up. From the workgroup to the data center, Sun Enterprise servers give their customers all the power they need to dot-com their business and gain competitive advantage.

Network Storage

Sun is redefining storage for the dot-com age. Today’s enterprise requires the right balance of compute, network, software, and storage capability to achieve maximum performance. Sun’s Intelligent Storage Network architecture offers that balance. And it provides information sharing, protection, and management across a variety of platforms. Furthermore, Sun provides outstanding scalability, investment protection, and a building-block approach for incremental growth.

Desktop Systems

With supercharged processors, high-bandwidth networking, accelerated graphics, and outstanding application performance, the Sun Ultra series brings supercomputing power to the desktop. Sun offers PC compatibility. Java Station network computers require no desktop administration, making them ideal for companies looking to reduce total cost of ownership.

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id="Java_Technology">Java Technology

The most talked about technology of the dot-com era has also become the most widely used. Developed by Sun, Java technology addresses many of today’s most pressing problems: complexity, incompatibility and security, and has proved invaluable in cutting costs and opening new dot-com business opportunities. Sun Microsystems offers the “Road to Java” program, with more than 75 authorized Java Center service locations worldwide, can guide the user from evaluation to pilot programs to enterprise-wide implementation.

Solaris Software

Sun delivers the perfect platform for network computing: Solaris software. It starts with a 64-bit operating environment and extends to server products that provide mainframe-class reliability, complete PC interoperability, and comprehensive Internet services. Solaris software gives the ability to support multiple-terabyte data warehouses and thousands of users. Sun provides comprehensive enterprise management tools, industrial-strength security solutions, and e-mail that works on a global scale. This combination of qualities provides a solid foundation needed for continuous connectivity. Such a foundation is necessary in the dot-com world, where downtime can cost a company thousands, or even millions, of dollars.

Forte Development Tools

Sun offers a complete, end-to-end solution for quickly developing high quality, entry-level to enterprise-class applications for the Solaris Operating Environment, Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows environments. It also includes a new, robust, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports many languages to make you more productive than ever.

Professional Services

Sun offers an integrated portfolio of services to help plan, design, implement, and manage innovative dot-com solutions. Their consulting and integration experts work closely with the customer to align their information systems with their business goals.

Support Services

With the world’s largest UNIX service organization, supporting more than one million systems, Sun delivers “mission-critical” support at all times. Additionally, Sun VIP program resolves complex problems and eliminates finger pointing through cooperative agreements with leading software vendors.

Educational Services

To increase the efficiency of the customers’ staffs, Sun provides design, training, consultation, and management services tailored to their current skill levels. They offer courses for individuals and groups, at the customer’s place of business or in classrooms in more than 85 countries around the world.

Consumer and Embedded Devices

With their platform-independent Java technologies, Sun is extending the net all the way to consumer devices “dot-comming” everything from smart cards to wireless phones to touch-screen kiosks. To build this new generation of network-ready information appliances, manufacturers are turning to Sun for fast, low-cost Java processors, the lightweight Java OS operating system, and other enabling technologies so the customer can access the information he/she needs, anytime, anywhere using just about anything.


Sun’s UltraSPARC microprocessors accelerate multimedia and networking applications with their innovative architecture and VIS instruction set. They can be thought of as the high-performance engine behind the net, powering networked systems from routers to supercomputers. Java processors, with their high performance, small memory footprint, low power consumption, and low cost, enable revolutionary thin-client products from network computers to Web phones.

Telco Servers

In an era of convergence between telecommunications and Internet services, Sun provides solutions that can give the customer a competitive edge. The Telco product line ranges from stable platforms for network services to infrastructure components. Sun’s Netra products deliver

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