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In their views they tend to think that the human resource policy play apart in the stipulation of the business policies in the organization. They argue out that for any business strategy to be effective in the organization, it has to get the support from the human resource policies (Blackburn, 2008, pp 189). It is viewed that, a good business strategy have to keep in mind the available resources in the organization and how it will utilize it to improve on their performance standard.Due to this, the human resource policy tend to play apart in the stipulation of the business strategy as they have to get the amount of resources awarded to them by the HR department in the organization.

Other than that, it is also viewed that the strategies allows the organization to allocate proper personnel of who has to carry out the preparation of the strategy that will be of help to the organization (Blackburn, 2008, pp 189).In there views, they have come up with various ways in which the policies tend to support the business strategy in the organization. In these, it will give the reader the clear picture of how the people on the study real view the connection between the two frameworks in any given organization. EFFICIENCY & EFECTIVENESS OF THE STRATEGY The HR policy helps the business strategy to be more effective and efficiency to its performance at the organization.This is attained in such away that the human resource department using their policy, will be able to recruit more qualified employees to the organization, organize for trainings for the workers in the organization of which will help the workers at the marketing department to be able to develop better business strategy to use in attaining better standard of services and goods than those offered by their competitors to the market.

ETHICS This is the principles or beliefs that any organizations tend to poses in various frameworks that they use within and outside the organization.The human resource department in an organization is the core department to come up with the belief and morals to be observed in the organization. And thus, with their policies in place, it will help the other department to come up with their frameworks such as the business strategy in relation to it, allowing them to observe the ethics of the organization (Mintzberg, Ghoshal, & Quinn, 2003). Therefore, we can say that, the HR policy supports the business strategy to maintain the rules and regulations at the organization and thus allowing different departments within the organization to portray the same ethics for it.PROPORTIONALITY The standard level of the HR policy tends to dictate the level of the business strategy in the organization.

This is viewed in such a manner that the human resource being the major point of reference in the organization for any operation to be carried out, will tend to use it for their better attainment of their strategy. In this case, it is then clear that the accuracy of the human resource policy in an organization tend to dictate that of the business strategy in the same organization. Thus, the Hr policy supports the business strategy to give it direct proportionality to the policy. INCREASE IN PERFORMANCEThe business strategy tends to depend on the human resource policy for its performance level to the organization. In this, we finds that it is through the use of the human resource policy that allows the business strategy to get all that they do need to attain their goals.

This includes that best workers that they need, the availability of training at the organization, the availability of resources to co-ordinate their affairs. Through this, it has then been clear that, the strategy tend to get support form the policy. CONCLUSION In conclusion, it has been clear change in human resource policy leads to change in business strategy too.With this, we can then say that, human resource policy is directly proportional to business strategy. Thus the paper do recommends to all the organization to check on their human resource policy before carrying out the establishment of the business strategy as it will make their work easier and more effective to the organization.REFERENCEBlackburn, W.

R. (2008): The Sustainability Handbook the Complete Management Guide to Achieving Social, Economic and Environmental Responsibility pp 189 Earthscan Mintzberg, H. , Ghoshal, S. & Quinn, J.

B. (2003): The Strategy Process Concepts, Contexts, Cases 4th Ed Prentice Hall

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