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4, semester 2 Mrs.

Lambert English IV Honors Chapter One: Quotes “I was not there, yet I was there. ” – page 3 Feeling of presents though he was absent from the situation. “A fool does what others tell him to do. ” – page 7 explaing the old philosophy of not succumbing to peer pressure even in racist america. Chapter Two: Quotes “I don’t want them to kill no hog,” she said. “I want a man to go to that chair, on his own two feet.

” – page 13 Page Saying that executing jefferson would be as wastful as slaughtering a hog. He don’t have to,” Miss Emma said again. – page 14 Yet again being anti peer pressure Chapter Three: Quotes “I had nothing to do all that day but serve. ” – page 17 Explaining the dreads of obligations in life. “He don’t have to go,” Miss Emma said for about the hundredth time. – page 17 Yet emma agin is being anti peer pressure.

“I was too educated for Henri Pichot. ” – page 21 Explaining that they feel that they are above henri pichot even though they may not be “Somebody got to do something for me one time ‘fore I close my eyes. – page 22 Emma explaing how tired she is and the help she need before she goes to bed Chapter Five: Quotes “I knew, too, which of them would do something for themselves and which of them never would, regardless of what I did. ” – page 34 Explaing a definition of hoplessness. “Other than that, all there was to see were old gray weather-beaten houses, with smoke rising out of the chimneys and drifting across the corrugated tin roofs.

” – page 37 An explaination of schanty houses for minorities in the south “They’re going to kill him in Bayonne.They’re going to sit him in a chair, they’re going to tie him down with straps, they’re going to connect wires to his head, to his wrists, to his legs, and they’re going to shoot electricity through the wires into his body until he’s dead. ” – page. 39 This is what would happen to jefferson when electricuted. Chapter Six: Quotes “He ain’t betting ‘gainst you.

He aint’ betting on you neither. ” – page 43 Niether disbeleif neither belief. “Whether I should act like the teacher that I was, or like the nigger that I was supposed to be. ” –page 47 explaing his role in life versus what society saw him as. I was supposed to have said ‘don’t. ’ I was being too smart.

” – page 48 explaing what makes sense versus whats right “I was quiet. I knew when to be quiet. ” – page 49 how to “respect” Chapter Eight (flashback): Quotes “And there were others who did not go anywhere but simply died slower. ” – page 62 life and death on death row. “You’ll see that it takes more than five and a half months to wipe away – peel – scrape away the blanket of ignorance that has been plastered and replastered over those brains in the past three hundred years. ” – page 64 sybolisation of white people in the south.

Chapter Ten: Quote “Years ago, Professor Antoine told me that if I stayed here, they were going to break me down to the nigger I was born to be. But he didn’t tell me that my aunt would help them do it. ” – page 79 Breaking men like horses. Chapter Eleven: Quote “I nodded my head. Then I remembered I had to speak out. ” – page 81 Page 5 of 6 Doing whats right versus what is expected.

Chapter Thirteen: Quote “But I had been running in place ever since, unable to accept what used to be my life, unable to leave it. ” pg. 102 Explaing the manipulation of african americans in the south. Chapter Sixteen: Quote ’Cause somebody go’n do something for me ‘fore I die.

” pg. 123 A return to earlier when she asked if someone could do something before she slept. Chapter Eighteen: Quote “He had come from good stock. ” – page 140 He had been raised by a good family.

Chapter Nineteen: Quote “The same people wore the same clothes and sat in the same places. ” pg. 151 A home coming. Chapter Twenty: Quotes: 24 .

“Twelve white men say a black man must die, and another white man sets the date and time without consulting one black person. ” pg. 157 explaing the Juries in the south. “I’m going for a walk, a long walk in the opposite direction.

pg. 159 a live metaphor of a long succesful life. Chapter Twenty-two: Quote: “I never got nothing I wanted in my whole life. Now, I’m go’n get a whole day? ” pg. 170 one more day to live. Chapter Twenty-four: Quotes “He looked at me as if to remind me that I was supposed to say Mister before a white man’s name.

” pg. 188 the “Proper place “ for a black man. 28. “A godson obeys, but a friend – well, a friend would do anything to please a friend. ” pg.

190 freindship versus obligation Chapter Twenty-seven: Quote: “I know my people. I know what they gone through. ” pg. 218 The history of african americans.Chapter Twenty-eight: Quote “I’m all right, Mr. Wiggins.

” pg. 225 a show of respect even for those who have none for them. Chapter Twenty-nine: Quote “Goodbye, Mr. Wiggin tell them I’m strong tell them I’m a man.

” pg. 234 Posterity. Chapter Thirty: Quote “Yes, Jefferson, I’ll be there. ” pg. 245 A promise among friends . Chapter Thirty-one: Quotes “Nothing will ever be the same after today.

” pg. 248 Life change and resolution. 34. “I felt like crying, but I refused to cry. No, I would not cry.

There were too many more who would end up as he did. ” pg. 249 Page 6 of 6 Death of Jeferson and innocent man. 35.

“I am a slave. ” pg. 251

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