Summary – 2917 words – College
Summary – 2917 words – College

Summary – 2917 words – College

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  • Published: November 19, 2018
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The aim of this project was to produce a project plan for an international

music tour spanning over six destinations. As a result a report has been

compiled planning the project in detail, consisting of several elements.

The proposed project was divided into several key elements that where

completed by individual members of the project team. The project consisted

of the following elements;

Project description:

Included detailed specifications and aims for the project that needed to be



Stated comprehensive list of development objectives for the project,

highlighting any benefits reaped by the stakeholders and the organisation.


Included organisation and stakeholders chart, leadership and responsibility

diagram. In addition stated roles of responsibility for each department

within the organisation.


Illustrated the method of communication chosen for the project, specifying

how this would be achieved


Assessed and calculated project risks providing control and risk reduction



Suggested ways of ensuring and maintaining quality through out the project.

Work Breakdown and Plan:

Consisted of work break down structure that divided the project into more

specific and defined tasks. Also included project plan that was developed

using Microsoft Project 98.


Contained estimated costs for individual tasks and the entire project.

To summarise the project plan was completed successfully and provided

detailed information that should result in the project being approved for


To view summaries of the project please refer to appendix 3.1.

By Zarrar Saif Khan

Graeme Gillet


As requested by the project sponsor the purpose of this assignment is to

plan an international music tour spanning across six destinations. In

order to accomplish the plan, all aspects of the project are


to be analysed

by the project group and then divided into more defined sections and

manageable tasks, which will result in the completion of a successful plan

for an international music tour.

The completed plan is then to be presented by the project sponsor to the

project client, Artic Music Corporation. Once completed the project plan

should succinctly provide detailed information that will grant approval for

the project to go ahead.

By Zarrar Saif Khan

Anderz Alvenius

Stuart Mudie

Project Description

Students where asked to do a project in there first term of school, There

were a couple of options to choose from, like for example you could do a

“sports event” a “fashion show”. Our groups choose to plan a six-

destination international music tour. Since these days people are engage

and aware of multicultural music genres the group/team though that we had

to pick music groups that will fit for a wider audiences.

Since music has been inspiration and an integral part of every culture.

Music informs us about our past and presents, but also foreshadows our

future. It’s a creative outlet for self-expression that involves/integrates

all disciplines and has the power to inspire and people/individuals or

society’s. Music is one aspect of cross-cultural and cross-generational


Artic Music Corp, approached our company and wanted us to represent them as

there clients, and creating/developing a music tour across Europe. And they

asked us to create it so that if was not only “pop” music but alternatives

so that fans of Hiphop/Rap, Punk, Heavy metal and rock would like to come

and enjoy this.

The purpose of this project, Artic Music is to explore if music from

Scandinavia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland band that are

big and popular in there home countries can be big in the rest of Europe.

Which could be an interesting thing to found out, because man

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bands in

Great Britain have failed to make it big in America for some strange


And the reason for this is because Artic Music Corp which is a small but up

and coming record/marketing company wants to open a couple of new offices

across Europe and launch a big marketing plan, marketing Bands from

Scandinavian countries and bands/groups that are singed to the record

company Artic music Corp.

However the goal with this scheme is to gain fans and show that other

countries that make good music, and compete on the world music map. The way

it looks now is on billboards is that the majority of music is created in

America or in the UK. Sweden is already know for making good music and

Finland is starting to making a name for it self. Iceland has Bjrk who is

quiet reputable and famous within the music industry. But Norway and

Denmark have failed to make any noise around the rest of the Europe.

Although there is a big risk with creating and developing a project and

tour like this. Where should the events be held, is the venue to big, to

small can it measure with the expectations from the ticket sales. If its

outdoors, what if it is bad weather and the concert have to be cancelled

and that date/city, how can we compensate the purchase. And the biggest

risk of all is if the ticket sales fail to reach the sales target and the

venues are not full. What if the marketing doesn’t reach out to every one

that we want to reach out to, how will that affect our ticket sales?

The alternatives are to do a pre marketing plan and see if there are any

interests for a tour like this and research into venues that will fit our

needs and requirements.

BY Anderz Alvenius



The objectives of the programmed are to:

. Become effective at a national level, and have as broad an impact as


. Target disadvantaged and marginalized groups

. Contribute to the social and economic enlistment of Nordic music

. Initiate regional and provincial cross-cultural co-operation within

Scandinavia countries

. Develop links with countries in the Scandinavia Development Community

. Stimulate capacity building through institutional co-operation and

cultural exchange programmers with Address basic music education needs

for specified target groups

. Support the documentation and preservation of a variety of indigenous

music forms so that they may be generally accessible.

The Programmer Areas are:

2.1 Education

Projects are sought that address the following:

. Adult education in professional and semi-professional contexts in the

music industry such as issues of management and administration, legal

and commercial aspects.

. The training of teachers to teach music to children at primary and/or

secondary schools.

. Links could be made with the Department of Education in this regard,

or other curriculum development and pilot projects that are currently

in existence.

. Education for conductors and composers, voice training, as well as

basic arts administration and concert management.

2.2 Documentation and Research

Projects are sought that address the following:

. Recording and collecting information about musical form that is in

danger of being lost through lack of exposure and education as well as

forms that have been neglected.

. Making archival resources more accessible to more people and available

as educational material in different forms.

2.3 Exchange

Exchange is

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