Successful Project Management: Chapter 1

an endeavor to accomplish a specific objective through a unique set of interrelated activities and the effective utilization of resources.
establishes what is to be accomplished.
the tangible end product that the project team must produce and deliver.
sponsor or customer
the entity that provides the funds necessary to accomplish the project.
all the work that must be done in order to produce all the project deliverables, satisfy the customer that the deliverables meet the requirements and acceptance criteria, and accomplish the project objective.
expectations that must be defined from the onset of the project.
the timetable that specifies when each activity should start and finish
the amount the sponsor or customer has agreed to pay for acceptable project deliverables. (based on estimated costs associated with quantities of various resources that will be used to perform the project.)
need to perform project activities, produce the project deliverables, and accomplish the project objective.
adversely affect accomplishing the project objective.
customer is satisfied
the responsibility of the project manager is to make this happen
project teams must build relations with these people who may influence or may be affected by the project, in order to gain their support
project life cycle
four phases: initiating, planning, performing, and closing the project. (time span for each varies with each project)
initiating phase
projects are identified and selected
project charter
document authorizing project
planning phase
defining the project scope, identifying resources, developing a schedule and budget, and identifying risks, all of which make up the baseline plan for doing the project work.
baseline plan
project scope, resources, schedule, budget, risks
performing phase
project plan is executed and activities are carried out to produce all the project deliverables and accomplish the project objective
project deliverables
closing phase
project evaluations are conducted, lessons learned are identified and documented to help improve performance on future projects and project documents are organized and archived.
project documents
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