Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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Tips to Developing a Successful E-Mail Marketing Campaign E-mail marketing aims to promote business and services via e-mail. Very frequently people log into their mail and receive the message you send. E mail marketing is the most effective means to reinforce the awareness of your brand in people’s memories over longer time periods. Repetition is the key. But you have to take care of spam- an unsolicited promotional email, which is sent in large numbers to people without their permission.

So your bulk email marketing according to this definition can be compared to spam! Although, many countries don’t have any strict laws dealing with spam, you have to be very careful about it as unsolicited promotion or ad from unfamiliar addresses does more harm than good. In the face of the spam problem, your biggest challenge is to execute a successful email marketing campaign. Below are some of the tips to develop a successful email marketing campaign. First, define the goals and objectives of your email marketing campaign.

New customer acquisition, customer retention, stronger relationships, repeating sales? Are you providing helpful information or trying to prompt a particular response? You should have separate plans to help you reach your goal, simply because your

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target audience and your message will be different. As part of the web based email marketing strategy, keep the content of your email as low and to the point as possible. Sending a lengthy mail may withhold people from reading. Even avoid sending any attachment. People get afraid of viruses and they seldom download the file.

While providing email marketing solutions, don’t create e-mails with more complex HTML structure because they are more likely to be blocked as SPAM by corporate or private spam-blocking software. If you want to maximize the available technology without compromising download times, you can create a simple text message for the body of the e-mail with a quick web link to the more sophisticated version of your communication. Personalize your e-mail if you want your email marketing campaign to become successful. Use your full name in the field rather than your company’s name.

And use your recipient’s name in the subject line. This will increase the “open rate” of your e-mail (The “open rate” is the percentage of e-mails opened against e-mails successfully delivered), because recipients will more likely open and read e-mails from people they recognize. Personalization of mail while undertaking e mail marketing will also reduce the probability of the e-mail being mistaken as SPAM. For effective b2b email marketing, develop an interesting subject line. First impression does count in e-mail marketing!

If you have an important e-mail you want your reader to open and read, you need to develop an interesting subject line to woo your reader’s attention. The reason’s really simple. If your subject line does not appeal to the reader, your e-mail will not get opened and your email marketing campaign will fail miserably. Remember, do not exceed 40 characters when developing your subject line. While making all efforts for email promotion Internet marketing, give your customers the opportunity to “opt in” to your mailing list.

Make sure you’ve gotten your e-mail addresses directly from customers, or at least have received their permission to keep sending them e-mail communications. You can collect e-mail addresses through your company’s Web site, or any other interaction with customers, whether it be face-to-face or in print. While many businesses use e-mail to connect with their clients and customers as part of their direct email marketing strategy, a surprising number of them do not give their customers any easy ways to follow up on the initial e-mail. Always provide a link to your Web site so customers can get more information.

This will help you to promote your business through effective email marketing services. Also, be sure to include an e-mail address where customers can respond to you and ask questions. If you are contacted, make sure to respond to any e-mail from your customers promptly. As an email marketing company, track all e-mail links and have a proof read of the text for your advertisement if you want to promote email services. Tracking your e-mail links will allow you to gain valuable insights and discover what works and what doesn’t. Use the tracking information to redefine your future email marketing campaigns.

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