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Why are people such as Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Opera Winfred admired as much as they are? For many there Is an obvious answer. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player, ever. Bill Gates changed the world by inventing the corporation, Microsoft. Warren Buffet is a lesser-known name but is the most successful Investor In history of capital gains. Opera Winfred Is a great talk show host that millions of viewers watch routinely. When looking at these influential characters, on the surface they share no qualities.

Beneath the surface they can elate on many levels. Success does not come easy and every person has a story of when they felt like giving up. When that feeling presents itself, how a person reacts is what makes them one step closer to a winner or a loser. However, what makes someone Influential? Success is defined uniquely for every human the same as a fingerprint. We need to feel a sense of fulfillment, until then we will continue to take necessary steps to achieve this. Fulfillment Is the feeling we get after doing something great or simply trying our hardest in a sport.

Some of the things that may provide

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us a sense of lifetime are, donating money to a homeless veteran, help our mother retire, or something as simple as watching your child graduate from college. Second key to success is leaving a legacy to others because success does not end when we do; legacies last forever. Everybody is creating a legacy; it takes a lifetime to create and is not always positive. Henry Lee Oswald and John F. Kennedy are two characters that have drastically different legacies but are both remembered and icons in history. Unfortunately, Mr..

Oswald assassinated President Kennedy who remains the youngest president In history at 43 years of age. Everybody makes his or her Impact on the world, how would you like yours to be remembered? The third part to being successful is to feel established where we are. Overcome inner conflicts and gain the sense of belonging. Can people consider themselves successful If they are worth a million dollars but do they feel established where they are? I do not believe so, therefore lets tackle the negative self talk and focus on creating self worth.

Success Is not a part of everyday life. There are lumps and bumps along the way. Everyone has the option to take the easy road in life. My goal is to motivate to succeed rather than coast on the easy road to nowhere. With a focus on delivering Ideas and concepts towards overcoming obstacles’, gaining self-fulfillment and achieving success in life, our goal is to gain a focus and determination about how to always know the next step towards success. Everyone that shows ambition presents an Influence to somebody. How do we want to Influence those that look up to us?

Road map to success in hand, shouldn’t we challenge ourselves to achieve success one step at a time while leaving a legacy of perseverance, fulfillment, and overall success? Fulfillment, It Is variable and radically different from one person to another. Fulfillment is the sense of accomplishment that you strive to achieve after anything you do. I understood the power of this feeling once I started racing dirt bikes. My very Indiana. In 2004, I was on the starting line with about twenty five other racers about my age, 14 years old.

The track employee that operates the starting gate was going through to make sure everybody was ready to race and that’s when my dirt bike had a minor malfunction. I panicked and my dad and I rushed back to our race trailer where all of our parts were and we fixed my bike. By the time my bike was fixed, I was on my way to the starting line; about one hundred feet away; the track employee started the race. I was able to get on the track and come from last position, into eighth position within four laps on the Hang Time motocross track. Fueled by pure adrenaline and a little frustration, I put in the best race I had ever performed.

Once the race was completed, I had friends, family and complete strangers congratulating me on my efforts and determination. The sense of fulfillment was amazing and incomparable. I believe that trying my hardest, leaving no effort left to give, gave me hat sense of fulfillment that I had been looking for. Seeking fulfillment can come in many forms. To achieve a sense of fulfillment in life will require many smaller forms of fulfillment such as giving our greatest effort at activities’ such as racing dirt bikes, golf, to be a great parent, friend, etc.

Putting your greatest effort towards the things that mean the most to a person or is something that a person enjoys doing, will get you closer to your goals in life. While I read a book called Wide Open, by Chris Palmer, I understood the amount of sacrifice my father gave to make sure I was able to race on the weekends. As Palmer states, “My dad had always been a sort of weekend warrior motorcycle enthusiast. When he wasn’t training to be a mechanic at the local Chevrolet dealer, he spent his time with motorcycles. 2)” That explains exactly how my father was, he worked at an automotive body shop during the day, then he worked on my dirt bikes in majority of his spare time, making sure they was in optimum shape for his son to race on. I would ask my father, Bob Williams: “How do you stay up until am, four nights a week, get up at am, and then go racing all weekend? ” Even at the races, he was busy from dusk to dawn making sure my bikes ere ready to go. My fathers’ response was always the same: “If my only son is risking his life on this dirt bike, then I am going to make sure it is as safe as it could possibly be!

Your safety is not an area I’m willing to risk. ” When I remember asking him, I would always hear the same response, makes me realize, that’s what gave my father his sense of fulfillment. Self-expression is a little known secret to better understanding yourself and your purpose in life. Greed and selfishness are a characteristic that are often found in people because of their lack of expression. For me, I express myself best by taking risk. I love taking risk that has potential for great rewards. Sacrifice helped me find out where I am comfortable at and know how to test myself physically and mentally.

Sacrifice isn’t a negative word like most associate it with. Also, another negatively associated word I love to use in a positive way is consequence. However, I am learning more about myself everyday through various activities that allow me to test myself through sacrifice and taking risk. There are a lot of characteristics that make me happy within and I was taught this from my fifth grade teacher. She taught us the importance of politeness and being thankful. I always say please and thank you to show how grateful I am for anything.

Eve been told that my father and step-mom speak highly of me to others for the untypical show my appreciation to others. It can be contagious, most people say, and “have a good day. ” I dare to be different and say, “Have a great day,” for about two years when I went to a motivational seminar. Sense I took a risk and started saying great, instead of good, the people that are around me the most have been caught saying it. It is funny and shows the influence we have on the people around you. There are many ways of achieving self-fulfillment. As I have mentioned a few of mine are to try your best at everything you do.

Show appreciation to those around you that willingly sacrifice a lot for you or somebody else. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through risk. Sacrifice something, no risk equals no reward. Likely to be the most important attribute of self-fulfillment is to show appreciation to others. Assuming that were going to have an influence on somebody in our life when our time is up here on earth, what do you want people to think when your name is brought up? That has been a concern of mine when I was at a place of employment and a group of us employees were talking about my grandfather and some of his buddies.

Most of the group knew my family and the great things that they’ve done as well as some other things. Overall, mostly everybody had a fond memory of my grandfather and it was humbling knowing that they respected my family, which instantly gave me a sense of belonging and credibility. For me, part of achieving self-fulfillment is leaving a legacy to my name. I want to leave a legacy of inspiration, determination and success. How is this obtained? That is a simple question that is extremely complex and nearly unanswerable. However, it does relate to seeking self-fulfillment.

It relates in the sense of taking multiple steps, some large and some small, but multiple steps towards the bigger picture. Creating an image is a natural process; your legacy is a reflection of who you were as a person, co-worker or anything. That’s why it is important to be aware of who you are as a person. Take the time and evaluate your self. As Gig Ziegler once said in a speech named I hate my Job, ” In 100% of the cases, no exception, people who won’t take step number one, never take step number two. ” Does this describe the type of person you are? It did describe me and that is also when it ended.

I was upset with my progress in school but I was not making any changes towards my desired progress. Two years into a two-year degree and I was only 70% complete. I had lousy grades and my attendance was poor but I was not looking for answers to my problems, I was only looking for excuses. Step one for me, was to attend class every day. Step two was to utilize my time properly in class so that my homework is done correctly. After taking step one, step two came natural. It was amazing how it worked. I figured if I’m going to be here, I should engage myself in this class.

My struggling grade point average was on the rise but most importantly, I have gained progress towards my desired development. Leading to another question, how does a person know what they want? How do I know what my desired progress is? How does a person make goals and know how to set them? I love to watch inspiring videos and I have acquired a lot of knowledge on how to overcome obstacles, get focused and achieve success. Tony Robins explains How to Focus simply by, “Get a map, get a mentor. ” Tony Robbins also goes on to explain the three fundamentals to getting a precise picture of what it is your want.

Step one, Get focused and clear. Stop focusing on what you don’t want and focus on what it is you change but mentors will help guide you towards them. Success leaves clues so use somebody successful that inspires you as your mentor. Step three, resolve inner conflicts, if your view is crystal clear and you have the tools to achieve success but are unable to, than there is a conflict within you. If you know your capable of what you want but don’t think your deserving because of something you’ve done, than you have and inner conflict. Identify the conflict; figure out what is most important to you.

Align your life with what is most important to you, then you achieve, then you success, then you contribute and lastly you pay it forward. 80% of getting focused is psychology and 20% is inner mechanics. ” Finding a mentor is a crucial step in Tony Robbins three step process. A mentor is somebody that is a trusted guide that will aid in a desire. A mentor is somebody that has already achieved what it is you want. Success leaves clues in forms of a mentor, use them clues to get to where it is you want to be. There also meant to be a model the actions of those that have succeeded before you. Our life comes from your rituals,” Robbins says in a speech. “If you do the right thing at the wrong time, you get pain,” Robbins explains the importance of changing your rituals with your surroundings. People need to take control of their state and adjust them to their environment. Remembering what our goal is, it is important not to give up because you are working towards the bigger picture of success. Like anything in life, half the battle is not the race itself but entering the race is more difficult. When committing to any task there is an immediate influence on your life.

David Brinkley is a man of high recognition. Brinkley was a newscaster, author and has won ten Emmy awards within his career. He has faced adversity and has risen to the top. Brinkley once said, “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. ” This is important quote to remember when you encounter an obstacle or have a negative thought. The most successful people in the world have thought about giving up because it is the easiest thing to do when times get tough but the difference between a winner and a loser is how they respond to negative thoughts.

Harvey Mackey is another speaker that helps people get motivated, In his speech bout overcoming obstacles, Harvey tells an inspiring story, “He failed in business in 31, he tried again in 33, his sweetheart died in 35, he had a nervous break down in 36, he was defeated for congress in 43, defeated again in 48, defeated when he ran for senate in 55, and defeated for vice-presidency of the United States in 56, ran for the senate again in 58, he lost again, this man never quit, he kept trying until the last, in 1860, this man, Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States.

Seems like if we want to triple our success ration, we might have to triple our failure ate. ” (Youth :50) Harvey Mackey told that inspiring story of Abraham Lincoln’ defeats as he relentlessly persevered. I gain inspiration from this and gave me a new perspective on failures. Nobody can Judge effort be cause it is between you and yourself. Only you can leave your legacy so work to be your best and leave no effort left to give. Have you attended an event and missed the feeling of belonging?

I once went to a concert that I had no familiarity of the artist that was performing but the tickets were free and I’m always open for new experiences so I attended. I showed up o the event in my normal attire of khakis’ and a nice polo shirt. It happened to be a not subjective to my style. I was not worried about the situation but the feeling was uneasy and I was able to take myself out of it relatively easy. That leads to an issue of feeling established where ever you find yourself. If a person has lived in third class their whole life then that person will be comfortable in the third class lifestyle.

When making life changing decisions over a period of time, it is easy to loose sight of where your going because of the amount of work your doing is enough on its own to be castrating. Barbara Corcoran is a self-made billionaire through real estate. Barbara has managed to progress from a bad student in high school to a billionaire entrepreneur. On her way to the top she was caught off guard and found her reputation to be better than she actually was. Corcoran explains how she was caught up in the events and was unable to notice what was going on around her, “l became a larger than life figure for one reason only.

When you’re quoted in the ‘Wall Street Journal,’ the ‘New York Times,’ constantly as the expert in the business people assume you’re a lot bigger than you are. And then I had to run like hell to catch up with my own image. ” Some people would consider that a great problem to have and I would have to agree but she later explains how she had to overcome a different type of obstacles’. Barbara Corcoran explained how he self talk helped her feel established, “l would tell myself that I have the right to be here! ” Creating self worth is an obstacle in its own that is not easily conquered like some.

Self-talk is 80% negative and only 20% is positive. Byron Risks is a motivational speaker that has a great session on self-talk. Risks explains, “The mind doesn’t know the difference from laity and that is vividly imagined. If you tell your mind something enough times, your mind will believe that. ” Byron Risks is absolutely correct; the mind is often the greatest obstacle holding a person back from their goals and dreams. Ray Lewis is a great motivational speaker, in his speech to Stanford Basketball team before they entered a tournament.

Ray builds of the team by saying “everyday is a new day, every moment is a new moment, now you have to get out there and show the world that you’re a new creature! Be poised off for greatness, because if you aren’t poised off for readiness than your k with being mediocre. ” Mental preparation is important to anything. Ray Lewis creates the right mental attitude for the Basketball team at Stanford because without the right mental attitude, you can accomplish nothing. Mental preparation is transferable into anything; the ability to establish the right mental attitude is the challenge and the ultimate weapon.

The “l can” attitude is necessary to feel established. Feeling established is 100% mental and requires only you to be achieved. However, outside factors can make feeling established easier or hard depending on the people you have surrounding you. It is important to place our self around the people we are inspired by. At such a young age it is hard to distinguish whom we admire and if we are certain of that choice. However, it wasn’t until I was twenty that I finally realized where I wanted to go in life.

I realized that I wanted to be a successful leader in my community as a financial planner. August of two thousand eleven, I Joined a nonprofit organization that is focused on teaching leadership through community engagement. The Frankfort Jaycees is made of up men from the age of twenty one to forty years of age. Uniquely diverse, made up of actors workers, to attorneys, and Entrepreneurs of all sorts, we love giving back to successful people that care more about their family and friends than themselves are the influences to me.

The trio of authors that wrote The One Minute Entrepreneur, have created a great quote from a fictional character, “When I was about your age, my uncle taught me that at any given time, we are becoming the average of the five people with whom we are most closely associated. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of whom you choose to be with” (3). As a rubric to selecting the people I all my best friends, I found myself with a completely new line up. No matter the strength of your personality or the desires of yours values, against the people you associate with, this statement is true.

I fell victim to becoming the average of the five people I most closely associated with. Although I had a lot of fun, my friends were not the best people to hang around with. My friends at the time loved to party and have fun. I loved to have fun but not party as much as they did because I was engaged in school when they were not. I spent as much time as I could working to complex emperor but often found myself sacrificing time that should be spent on homework or studying, with my buddies having a few adult bevel was able to realize the path I was taking. I now have new friends that I share similar values with.

We love to have fun but see the bigger picture in life. If you ever have to question your comfort ability with the people you call your friends, then they are not likely to be your friends. The best move I have ever made was Joining the Frankfort Jaycees because now I have new friends and feel established with the leaders in my community making me feel like I belong at the top. One of my favorite quotes is anonymous but this is how it goes, “See you at the top, because the bottom is over crowded! ” Only you are responsible for what happens in your life and only you can control when it happens.

Part of everyday life is challenges but not every challenge ends in success. Overcoming 100% of obstacle a person encounters is impossible but how a person handle their defeats will shape the character that lays their legacy. Success takes time, planning, and a motive. It is very hard to have motivation to achieve anything in life if a motive is lacked. Success is when opportunity meets preparation. Determination is the fuel to a fire that provides the desire to take actions. Michael Jordan was not happy with his basketball skills until he was the best in the world.

Bill Gates’ passion of computers fueled his desire to create his corporation Microsoft; he is the richest man in America. Warren Buffet set out to conquer the investment world and he did by studying the economics of the world. Warren is now the second richest man in America. Opera Winfred grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in poverty with the odds of success against her. At 19 years old she was hired as co-anchor at a local television news studio. Her personality and other characteristics contributed to their ratings from third to first place.

Opera launched her own production company and become an international symbol. She is the richest African woman in the world and considered by many the most influential woman in the world. A picture in my room has an anonymous quote underneath it saying, “For some, destiny is a pathway to success, but more often, its determination the inspires us to succeed. ” This quote tells that some people believe destiny will make them successful, however, people like Opera Winfred, with the odds against them, use their determination to drive hem to success. Seeking fulfillment in life is an attribute to success.

At the time of and eventually they paid off. Self expression is a way to figure out whom yourself is as a person. Once people better understand themselves, it will be easier to achieve self- fulfillment. Like success, there are many attributes towards self-fulfillment. One attribute is to leave a legacy attached to my name so my family will be forever proud. I want to leave a legacy of inspiration, determination and success. Mental attitude is an obstacle that is hard to overcome that is necessary to achieve success. 80% of self- alkali is negative and only 20% of self-talk is positive.

Place your self around people you admire any you will slowly become the average of the people closest to you. Only you are responsible for what happens in your life and only you can control when it happens. I have a saying that is hanging in my kitchen; it is in settling text, welcoming colors on a shaped piece of wood that is inviting. This saying is important to my household, it simple reminds my family and our guest of how one action affects much more than you believe. “Watch your thoughts for they become words. Choose your words for they become actions.

Understand your actions for they become habits. Study your habits for they become your character. Develop your character for it becomes your destiny. ” It is important to control influences. An influence can play an immense affect on the mentality of any character. My goal was to sketch out a road map on how to achieve success. Success is uniquely defined for each and every person and how to achieve success is also unique to each and every person. I hope that my audience is able to start off in the right direction and that they are always sure of the next action to take to achieve success.

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