Stukent Digital Marketing Chapter 3

Keyword phrases
first step in on site seo. Target keyword phrase for on-site SEO should be based on 3 factors 1. relevance, 2. traffic, and 3. competition (and 4. current ranking for existing websites)
Relevance (keywords)
most important. A search phrase that is relevant should be determined by the searcher’s intents
Traffic (keywords)
no benefit to ranking for a search phrase no one searches
Competition (keywords)
a small website will have better luck targeting key word phrases with lower _____
Current ranking
existing websites should be striving continuously for better rankings
Search engines calculate relevance of a keyword phrase to a __________ not a _________
webPAGE + webSITE
Mapping individual key word phrases
1. reminds the site developers which keywords need to be incorporated to page content, 2. ensures that the right webpage is displayed for the right search, 3. can ensure a website isn’t accidentally optimizing multiple pages for the same key word.
the target keyword phrase should be in the URL
Header tag
receives more weight than a title tag so put the target key word phrase here
Keyword phrase
1. the phrase should only be used when it makes sense to the user. 2. inserting the keyword phrase too often is known as keyword stuffing 3. THE KEYWORD PHRASE SHOULD MAKE UP 3-5% OF THE WORD COUNT
Alternative Text
A label or tag that indicates the content of the image. It also communicates info to web browsers for the visually impaired or to browsers that have images deactivated.
Anchor text
uses anchor text from external links as an objective, third party description of a webpage
Click through rate
A website can influence its page’s click-through rate through 1) the title tag, 2) the meta description {should clearly and accurately describe the content of the page}, 3) the choice of URL.

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