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My name is (insert your name here) and I am seeking a scholarship in order to become a part of a program set in France about wine-making.

Receiving financial support can help me reach my goal of studying abroad. I would like to experience studying in another country as I believe that having an internationalized education will set me apart from an ordinary student. It can also provide me the chance to become more exposed to other people’s culture and learn to socialize with people from different races.I come from a family whose social status is on an average level. My parents are currently funding my younger sibling’s education as well mine.

If I could obtain a scholarship, the financial burden could be lifted from their shoulders. If I am rewarded with this scholarship, my mind and time will also be focused alone on my studies since there will be no need to worry about the financial aspects of my education. In turn, the university can rest assured that I will not give them any trouble.I am a responsible student with an excellent academic record amidst the hurdles I have encountered while majoring in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering.

I believe that diversity of knowledge is needed by any person for him to grow. As my major involves courses that are mostly technical, I believe that choosing to study wine-making would not only be a change of pace, but also a means to achieve personal growth. Moreover, it is a topic that I am greatly interested in.My father is very passionate about wine and I am excited to share with him and other people the knowledge and skills that I would gain from the program. When I am granted with this scholarship, it would help me satisfy my yearning for more knowledge and at the same time alleviate the financial burden of my parents. If I become one of the fortunate students to undergo the wine-making program, I will commit myself to all the responsibilities and work hard to make myself, my family, and UC Davis proud.

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