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Who was Robert Hooke? The first to identify and name cells
Who was Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek? Maker of stronger microscope lenses, was able to view cells in greater detail
Who was Matthias Jakob Schleiden? First to say all plants are made of cells
Who was Theodor Schwann? First to say all all living things are made of cells
What are the components of the cell theory? – All organisms are made of cells- All existing cells are produced by other living cells- The cell is the most basic until of life
What is a prokaryotic cell? A single cell with no nucleus or membrane bound organisms, DNA is suspended in the cytoplasm
What is a eukaryotic cell? A singular or multiple cell with a nucleus and membrane bound organisms, encloses genetic information
How did microscope improvements help the discovery of the cell theory? Now able to identify single cells, no longer limited
What help cells keep shape? The cytoskelton- a network of proteins constantly changing to meet the needs of a cell
What are the three main fibers of a cytoskeleton? Mircotubule- long hollow tubeMicrofilament- tiny threadsIntermediate filament- strength
What is a nucleus? Storehouse for the DNA in cells
What is a phospolipid? 3 basic parts, a charged phosphate group, glycerol, and two fatty acid chains. "Bobby Pin"
Selective permeability does what? It allows some (not all) material to cross to maintain homeostasis
What is the definition of diffusion? The movement of molecules in a fluid or gas from high to low concentraion
What is the difference between hypotonic and hypertonic? Hypotonic has fewer solutes than a cell, while hypertonic has more solutes than a cell

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