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Been working for more than two old ages at the Bank. I have come to understand that people truly necessitate a good audience when make up one’s minding on what to make next in their lives particularly when taking a calling. Some people have for so long worked on the things they have non learned at schools but still execute good because they love the occupations while some. even got grades in that Fieldss. still find it hard to concentrate on the occupation merely because they do non hold passion in it.

I believe this could non hold been worse. if these co-workers have ab initio been advised by profession counsellor back when they were at schools to carefully look for their potencies and work their ways to success. My five week-trip for an exchange plan to the States enabled me to detect more about the instruction system at that place and how pupils can entree to broad assortments of information available to happen the potencies within themselves and what schools or instruction establishments they should travel to.

There are school counsellors and instructors who are willing to save times discourse with pupils on what their survey programs and the jobs that might deflect them from executing good. Given that I besides hold a unmarried man grade in Education. this has inspired me to give my clip prosecute my Master grade in school guidance to come back and function my state the same manner those people in the States are making. My survey will concentrate chiefly on the techniques of reding with pupils at their immature age related to their major choice and calling planning.

This twelvemonth is the 3rd clip I assist the Fulbright and Undergraduate State Alumni Association of Cambodia to form Major & A ; Career carnival to supply clearer definitions of assorted university’s big leagues to high school pupils and the occupations they should anticipate to acquire in those Fieldss. What I have observed from this carnival is that those pupils are really interested and pay so much attending to what each talker has to state about his/her experiences.

I believe this is the rare juncture where they can listen to full descriptions of what they are traveling to analyze in the following 1 or 2 old ages in front. My survey. in the same manner. will do me a qualified counsellor to really look into their interior ego. happen their existent passions and supply them with the information they will necessitate to acquire ready for their chosen hereafters. In add-on. I will look into the emotional growing and relationship of the pupils with their household members particularly parents. They both play an of import function in the public presentation of their kids in schools.

In most Asiatic households particularly Kampuchean. household members tend non to demo their loves and supports toward each other openly and as a consequence doing the spread between them wider. Some parents are excessively busy with their concern that they forget to look at how their kids are making at schools with friends while some seeking excessively much to set force per unit area on their kids to analyze what they do non truly like. I am peculiarly interested in happening ways to prosecute household members in student’s activities in effort that the pupils will non be involved in inappropriate actions with their equals.

Hopefully. I can utilize what I have learned to present this construct to the school and household in so there would be less struggle internally that might impact the surveies of the childs I want this survey to supply me with sufficient makings to turn those childs who have already lose themselves in merely the philistinism society and who are no longer believe that instruction plants to hold faith in themselves. acquire up and get down the journey with their schoolmates to recognize their dreams and maintain combat.

Apart from making this as my occupation. I besides plan to use these accomplishments to the pupils in states where I volunteer myself to be guest talkers at that place. I am positive that the cognition and accomplishments. committedness and passion of mine supported by Fulbright are traveling to do this underdeveloped state full of rich human resources to go on to remain strong for old ages to come.

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