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Copperheads Northern democrats who sympathized with the south and did not activly interfere with war effort
Emancipation Proclomation order announced by President Lincoln that freed the slaves in the confedereate states.
total war strategy of fighting when the army destroys the opponents ability to fight by attacking civilian, economic, and military targets
war of attrition Union General Grant's Civil war strategy until the south ran out of men, supplies and the will to fight.
amnesty Official pardon issued by the government
black codes Laws passed in the southern states during reconstruction that greatly limited the freedom of former slaves.
carpetbeggers Northern republicans who moved to the south during reconstruction
sharecroppers farmers who worked land owned by someone else in return for supplies and a small share of the crops
Comprimise of 1877 agreement to settle the disputed presidential election of 1876. Democrats agreed to accept republican Rutherford B. Hays as president in return for the removal of federal troops from the south.
Reconstruction Acts Laws that divdided the former confederate states, except tennessee into military zonesand required them to draft new constructions upholding the fourteenth amendment
What killed more soldiers in the civil war than the battle? disease
What was the anaconda plan? union plan during the civil war for naval blockade of the south; compared to an anaconda snake

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