Study Guide for Energy Test

A form of energy that has atoms in it

The ability to cause change in matter

Kinetic Energy
The energy of motion

Potential Energy
Energy that is due to the position or condition of an object

transformation of energy
when energy is changed from one form to another

Law of Conservation of Energy
The rule stating that the total amount of energy in an closed system that is always the same energy,energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Energy Source
The original material or place which energy can be produced. (e.g. sun, water)

a material in which energy is stored (e.g. food, wood)

Renewable energy
A source of energy that is replaced as we use it

Nonrenewable energy
A source that cannot be replaced in a short time.

ex. Of Renewable energy
hydropower, biomass, geothermal, wind, solar

ex. Of nonrenewable energy
fossil fuels, oil coal petroleum, and natural gas

sound,thermal (heat), solar,light, chemical, electrical,muscular,nuclear, and mechanical
The nine forms of energy

energy is transformed from 1 form to another. heat is given off.
the law of conservation states that energy is neither created or destroyed. what does this mean?

1: gone forever
2: it pollutes the air
3: the green house effect
what are some of the problems associated with burning fossil fuels?

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