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In their environment, where do the majority of non;human primates spend most of their time? Why? Most primates spend most of their time at the top of the rainforest’s canopy where it is safer from predators than on the ground. Old World Monkeys are exceptions to this. 2) What traits must an animal possess for It to be considered an anthropoid? Larger body and brain size, rounder skull. Full binocular and color vision, complete orbital closure. No uranium.

More complex social systems such as more prenatal care and rooming. 3) What is a dental formula and what dental formula do hominids possess? A dental formula is like a summary of a mammal’s teeth. It Is usually written In fractions Indicating upper and lower teeth, Hominids possess a 2, 1, 2, 3 dental formula. 4) How are New World monkeys different from Old World Monkeys? Which is related to us? Their nose shape and nostril orientation differs from the Old World Monkeys. Dental formula is also different. Old world monkeys do not have tails. OWE monkeys are related to us. 5) Are primates specialized or generalized?

Primates are generalized because they can adapt to live In any environment. ) Why is grooming important in primate life and what functions does it serve? Social grooming is an activity in which the individuals in a group clean or maintain one another’s body or appearance. It is used to reinforce social structure, family links, and build relationships. It can be used for reconciliation as well. 7) What are omnivorous, valorous, and frivolous? Omnivorous means that they could eat anything and everything. Valorous means that they only eat leaves. Frivolous means that they only eat fruits. ) How important is social behavior in the primate society? ) What Is a dominance hierarchy and what primates employ this social structure? 10) What is an elopement and what functions does it serve? 1 1) What are the Chronological time periods in which early hominids lived? Name them? Early hominid fossils come from Africa. 13) What apes are most closely related to humans? Chimpanzees are the closest relatives to humans. 14) Old and New world Monkeys are similar in many ways, how is theory? Explained in 1 5) When did hominids split from other anthropoids? What is the chronological name for this time period? 6) What is bipedal and why is it significant? What is the earliest hominid to walk this way? 17) Compare cranial capacities for A. Fairness, H. Habits and H. Erects. How do they compare in size? A. Fairness has the smallest brain size of the three (ICC). H. Habits has an average brain size of ICC. And H. Erects has an average brain size of ICC, considerably bigger than the previous two. 18) Why did Robust Psychotherapeutics have such big teeth and Jaws? The Robust Psychotherapeutics have such big teeth and Jaws because they need the ability to grind down tough and fibrous food. 9) What dental trait is frequently noted in H. Erects and especially in Asian Erects? In Asian Erects, their teeth tend to be smaller due to the fact that they didn’t really need a bigger dental trait. 20) What does taxonomic nomenclature signify in terms of relatedness? Why are animals named in this way? The taxonomic categories begin with kingdom down to genus and finally species. This system has many levels and subleases. It was invented to provide a classification system for living organisms primarily based on their phenotypes for both living and extinct species.

It is assumed that evolutionary relatedness is approximated by the taxonomic structure. Animals are named this way to “organize” all the species scientifically. 1) Peking Man fossils were originally named Sanatoriums peskiness, what species do we know them as now? Why are these fossils significant? Homo Erects. The oldest largely accepted evidence of fire used by an ancestor of modern man is a group of burned animals bones found among remains of Homo Erects in the same caves in Quotidian, China where Peking man was found. The burned bones have been dated to be about 500,000 years old.

In Europe, there is evidence of fire that is 400,000 years old. 22) Which hominid was most likely the first to control and use fire? How do we know? Animals they cooked. 23) Where did H. Erects originate and where did they go after that? Homo Erects originate in Africa and spreader towards Asia. 24) What are the names of the tools industries for; H. Habits, H. Erects, Neanderthals, Archaic sapiens, and modern H. Sapiens respectively? How do they differ? H. Habits used primitive stone tools. H. Erects used Chilean tools. Neanderthals used Mustering tools.

Archaic sapiens used Mustering tools. Modern homo sapiens used elevators tools. 25) The oldest evidence for the beginnings of culture comes from sites containing what? Neanderthals buried the deceased with several items signifying the singings of culture. 26) Why is Shanghai Cave in Iraq such an important Neanderthal site? What has been found there? What does it represent? The Shanghai Cave in Iraq had a burial site filled with pollen from medicinal plants. This shows that Neanderthals respected the deceased and may possibly thought of the afterlife.

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