study guide-corporate culture

What are the three elements of Corporate Culture at Cintas?
Principle Objective, Corporate Culture, Management Systems
Who is in charge of perpetuating Cintas’ Corporate Culture?
everyone… especially all leaders
What is the Principal Objective? Who are the three constituencies?
We will exceeed our customers expectations to maximize the long term value of cintas for its share holders and working partners. Partners, shareholders, customers
How do you explain our Principal Objective to your service sales representatives?
our mission statement. What we should keep in mind for our daily interactions.
What do we mean by “Corporate Character?” Name at least five components.
The behavioral standards we set for ourselves. What we want our company to look like to outsiders. Professional, honesty, integrity, spartan, positive discontent, competitive urgency
How would you explain Corporate Character to a service sales representative?
They represent cintas. Its the way they present themselves. Always do the the right thing. Be professional
What are you personally doing to instill Cintas Culture in others?
Im professional, ethical, partner endearment, lead by example.
What does it mean to be ethical with customers and partners?
Always act with honesty and integrity in all customer and partner interactions. Treat others with respect and as you would want to be treated.
How do you explain to a Service Sales Rep what it means to be ethical with customers?
Always do the right thing for our customers. Never lie, cheat or steal. Have integrity
What are the four “ethics check” questions?
is it legal
would my family be proud
how would it make me feel about myself
how would i feel if it was published
Provide four examples of what it means to be professional at Cintas.
how we dress
facilities look
vehicles look
proposals and letters
Provide three examples of what it means to be thorough at Cintas.
be thorough in one on ones, TOT’s, and in our hiring process
What does it mean when we say we take a Spartan approach?
we spend money as if it was our own, we do not spend lavishly, we penny pinch
What are our policies and procedures and why do we have them?
set of guidelines for everything ng we do.
Common language and to be fair and consistent
What is competitive urgency?
attending to every detail of our business as if not not doing so would result in losing a valued customer, prospect or partner
Situation: A Management Trainee visits your office with a question concerning ethics.
Management Trainee : “I don’t understand something about our ethics statement. In one place, it says we should not accept gifts or fancy lunches and outings from our vendors. But I see our own Service Managers and General Manager taking customers to lunch, ballgames, and sometimes fancy dinner affairs. Heck, they even gave some of our customers Christmas presents last month. I don’t get it! Isn’t this hypocritical?”
Role play how you would handle this situation with the trainee.
John, we do these things for our customers for several reasons. We want continue to have great relationships with our current customers, we want to thank them for thier business, and create opportunites for securing renewals. The greatest gift we can recieve from our customers is to earn their business.

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