Students Involvement In Gangs In Malaysian Schools Sociology Essay Example
Students Involvement In Gangs In Malaysian Schools Sociology Essay Example

Students Involvement In Gangs In Malaysian Schools Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 19, 2017
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Crime and force in schools is endangering the wellbeing of the immature people in Malaysia. Despite national 's attempts to reconstruct a civilization of acquisition and instruction, incidents of gangsterism, larceny, hooliganism, burglary, colza and even slaying are reported on school evidences. In a survey on `` Gangsterism among Secondary Schools '' by the Ministry of Education in coaction with the Crime Prevention Foundation of Malaysia reported that serious misconduct exhibited by secondary schools is chiefly influenced by mobsters. Gangsterism activities pose a menace to the instruction system and to all phases of the instruction and acquisition procedures.

The aim of this research is to happen out the 1 ) profile of rank of pack 's that these adolescents join: 2 ) profile of pupils who are susceptible joiners of packs and 3 ) to look into the grounds for engagement. The r


esult is propose suggestions to control and restrict this societal issue.


Crime and force in schools is endangering the wellbeing of the immature people in Malaysia. Despite national attempts to reconstruct a civilization of acquisition and instruction, incidents of gangsterism, larceny, hooliganism, burglary, colza and even slaying are reported on school evidences. Before we delve into the issue gangsterism, allow 's seek to do a differentiation between packs and gangsterism. Gangs are non needfully bad but gangsterism constantly is. Harmonizing to the Oxford lexicon, the term `` Gangsters '' can be defined as - A member of a group of violent felons and Gangsterism can be described as the usage of tactics associated with mobsters, as bullying or force, in order to accomplish something.

The gangsterism issue in Malaysia is a hot subject as gangsterism has

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been reported often by the media in Malaysia. In a survey on `` gangsterism among secondary school '' by the Ministry of Education in coaction with the Crime Prevention Foundation of Malaysia reported that serious misconduct exhibited by secondary schools is chiefly influenced by mobsters. The survey besides indicated that pupils take part in gangsterism because of the chief three chief factors - household, populating environment and academic accomplishment. The Royal Malaysian Police Force on the other manus has classified pupils who participate in gangsterism into three classs - three packs, thug 's packs and school bullies.

Gangsterism `` contaminates '' the school environment and jeopardizes the educational procedure. There can be serious long-standing consequence such as physical, emotional and psychological deductions for both instructors and students including: hurt, reduced self-pride, hazard of depression and self-destruction, decreased school attending, impaired concentration, fright and a lessened ability to larn. ( WHO, 1997 ) . Not merely do mobsters ' activities pose a menace to the nucleus concern of the ministry of instruction, but besides the instruction and acquisition procedure is besides hindered by such patterns.

Literature Review

Harmonizing to Utusan Malaysia ( 1998 ), the societal phenomenon of gangsterism has shown to increase the rate of hooliganism, endangering and drug nuts among the adolescents. One tierce of 1560 secondary school in our state, Malaysia has high hazard to being exposed with 'underground society ' ( Berita Harian, 1997 ). By this group of adolescents who break the norms are frequently being categorized as a pervert and delinquent. They are frequently involved in drug addicting, playing hooky players, ravishing, homosexual and sapphic. Surprisingly, the figure of female pupils and primary

school pupils are progressively involved in gangsterism presents.

As a societal phenomenon, it is of import to cognize that gangsterism is non confined simply to the lower rounds of modern society. Indeed, it occupies much of the 'high moral land ' and has political dimensions that reach good beyond the local vicinity ( Buckley 2005 ) .

Harmonizing to Thrasher ( 1963 ), at the earlier phase of adolescents, they have higher inclination to organize a pack. In the earlier study in 1961, Thrasher besides defined pack as a group with same features such as, visual aspect, action, struggle and planning. As a consequence of development, this group of pack will finally develop into a group of mobster who frequently carries out activities that is anti-social.

On the other manus, Miller in 1980 defined a pack who carries out illegal Acts of the Apostless. In add-on, Klein & A ; Maxson who are agreeable with Miller emphasized 3 standards of a pack that can be concluded as being recognized negatively by society every bit good as the jurisprudence of this state. Taylor in 1993 referred to 4 different standards of a pack in footings of their map and activities that include their construction, leading, districts and interaction among the group.

In add-on, Haslina Hassan ( 2000 ) claims that, delinquents are frequently found in older males who do illegal Acts of the Apostless outside school compound. This is in along with Bodinger-de-Uriarte ( 1993 ) who found that power and position are one of the major determiners for adolescents to fall in in the activities of gangsterisme in the United States of America. Gaustad ( 1991 ) found that

the visual aspect of mobsters who had interfered the instruction and larning procedure in the school and affected other pupils ' survey environment. Hence, we need to pay more attending and carry out schemes that can work out above job, as mentioned by Lal et. Al. ( 1993 ).

There are a few determiners of gangsterisme in school that includes influences from equal group, single, household and mass media ( Cindy, Tursman and Moore, 1930 ) . Harmonizing to Artwater in 1998, equal group is defined as the same age group of people who plays about, turn up together or buddy who strive together. Encyclopedia edited in 1997 defined persons as a individual who is turning into striplings, in the age of 12 to 21 old ages old. Freud ( 1953 ) cited in Fontana 1981 referred household as a combination of male parent and female parent life in house with or without any kids.

Furthermore, the constitution of Multimedia Corridor ( MSC ) every bit good as few other station of telecasting has proven its significance in the facet of mass media towards the society ( Haslina Hassan, 2000 ). Thraser & A; Lal ( 1993 ) found that the happening of gangsterism is frequently out of the sight of the instructor. Therefore, the first measure to measure the happening of gangsterisme is to place its being.

Lal et. Al ( 1993 ) showed that among gangsterisme, there are some important differences in between the few similarity of features among different mobsters that alterations with clip and locale. They besides concluded that mobster has same cultural, unity and shared the same vision and duty, including orders based

on the hierarchy and individuality every bit based to the district of topographic point and school. Futrell in 1996 stated that activities carried out by the mobsters in school consists of being rough to instructors and school, in add-on to endangering Acts of the Apostless, stealing, obtaining jewelries or money by force, talking vulgar words and crushing pupils.

Research Aims/Purpose of the Study

Harmonizing to A adolescents can be defined as a individual between the ages of 13 and 19 ; an stripling.

The aim of this research are:

  • to happen out the profile rank of pack 's that these adolescents join
  • to happen out the profile of pupils who are susceptible joiners of pack
  • to look into the grounds for engagement

In add-on, the research workers will be calculating how societal influence plays a function in impacting the adolescents. Last, the research workers will besides analyze the response of communities towards gangsterism while urging and proposing an array of productive schemes that can prosecute pedagogue, parents and communities in an attempt to control and restrict this societal issue.


In this research, the research workers have conducted in-depth interview with:

The Chief Inspector of Saujana Utama, Inspector Firdaus Azman and

3 former mobsters

Here are the inquiries proposed to the interviewees:

Questions for Ex-Gangsters:

  1. At what age did you fall in gangsterism?
  2. What are the things that you were involved in your yearss as a mobster?
  3. To what extent were you involved in gangsterism?
  4. What are the grounds that influenced you into fall ining gangsterism?
  5. Make you see societal influence as a most of import component that prompted you into fall ining gangsterism?
  6. There are chiefly 3 classs of mobsters in Malaysia-Triad packs,

Thug packs and school bullies. Which class do you place yourself with?

  • Did gangsterism work out your job ( s ) or was they any benefits obtained from fall ining gangsterism?
  • What were the effects of fall ining gangsterism? Was at that place a monetary value to pay?
  • How do people ( non mobster ) expression at you as a mobster particularly your household members, relations and friends?
  • What made you discontinue gangsterism and how did you acquire out of gangsterism?
  • Are you easy accepted by the local community as an ex-gangster?
  • Have you regretted that you have joined gangsterism? If yes, why?
  • What advice do you hold for adolescents presents, in term of remaining out of gangsterism?
  • In your sentiment, what actions should be taken in restricting and controling gangsterism?
  • Question for Policeman:

    • Gangsterism is widely discussed as a societal issue in Malaysia. How is the current status compared to 5 old ages and 10 old ages ago?
    • What is your perceptual experience ( s ) towards this issue?
    • Who are likely to acquire involved in gangsterism?
    • At what age adolescents are vulnerable or easy influenced into fall ining gangsterism?
    • Of the many mobsters who were caught by the constabulary, what kind of background do they come from?
    • What are the stairss taken by the governments in controling this issue?

    What are the Torahs that are enacted in relation to this issue? Such as punishing the mobsters who breached the jurisprudence and ordinances.

    What else do you believe the constabulary force: Crime Prevention Foundation and Government could make to control this issue?

    Share with us some of your experiences in covering with mobsters.

    What are the advices you would

    wish to convey to the younger coevals who has the idea of fall ining gangsterism?


    Focus Group

    There are a batch of instances affecting secondary school 's pupils with offense such as gangsterism. The addition in the offense among them is influenced by some factors such as parents, the household, the school, the society, and the authorities. Therefore, in this determination we are traveling to concentrate on pupils who associate with negative activities such as gangsterism.

    When inquiring about whether they have been dealt with gangsterism, most of them answered `` no '' and they will seek to avoid from facing them as they feel dying that they might be hurt by the mobsters. There are a few factors that lead the pupils into gangsterism such as they want to be different from others, for merriment, lost in the new environment and to turn out that they are out of norm. Normally, the jobs occur when they did non acquire proper upbringing, bad milieus, household environment, and societal influence.

    As we know, pupils presents are different from the last clip. They still respect their households and instructors. As household is the most of import establishment in society as it forms the communicating developments in the state. However, we can see most of parents are busy working to carry through their household demands such as nutrient, apparels, tuition fees, and so on. Therefore, there are no household ties between each of member as the compulsion in prosecuting stuff additions has caused a spread between them. As a consequence, some members suffer from emptiness in life and this may take to more serious societal jobs as they try to seek love

    and amusement outside their house.

    As for solution, there are a few effectual ways in controling the jobs:

    • The school, constabulary and parents need to work hand-in-hand with each other.
    • The schools ' authorization should take an action against the mobsters and should non be afraid of seting a hazard of the repute of their school.
    • The parents should play their function in loving their kids by giving attending to their kids 's emotion instead than fulfilling their stuff demands.
    • Schools and community should form some interesting and healthy activities for pupils to hold a healthy life style.
    • Schools should enroll a squad of counsellor and non ordinary instructors to provide this affair.

    Majority of the pupils agreed that ex-gangsterism should be given a opportunity in the society. This is due to the fact that pupils need counsel and support as it is clip for them to happen and develop their ain individuality and find their ends in life. Therefore it is of import for instructors and parents to co-operate in developing their kids psychological demands.


     Thilagan ( non the existent name ) , 21 old ages old, College pupil

    Thilagan was a outstanding school bully in Cheras country. Gangsterism took over his life at the age of 15: while he was analyzing in signifier 3. During signifier 3, most of his friends became mobsters and his academic accomplishment was besides down the drain. His parents invariably scorn, despise and abuse him by calling him `` stupid '' and `` imbecile '' . In add-on, he offended many people in secondary school. These factors prompted him into fall ining gangsterism.

    When asked why he joined gangsterism, he replied, `` 9

    out of 10 of my friends are mobsters. I would be left out and anomic if I do n't fall in them '' . When asked about does societal influence topographic point a portion in act uponing him to fall in gangsterism, he nodded and agreed. `` I could n't stand my friends ' persuasion and twit '' . He told us another ground he joined gangsterism is to derive popularity and presence in school. Thilagan identify himself with school bullies and thug packs.

    He recalled that they were one time he bashes up a classmate with a baseball chiropteran for no grounds. `` I did that because I want to vent out my defeat and choler in me, furthermore, I am a mobster and I have the privilege to make that '' . He told us he is able to make anything after he joins gangsterism. That is a signifier of satisfaction and dissoluteness beneath ( gangsterism ) . However, he fears walking entirely without his mobster friends on the street. `` I you are walking entirely, you are easy targeted by mobster from other district '' . He considered this and the effects of fall ining gangsterism.

    He quit gangsterism in 2003 and since so, he has ne'er thought of walking back the same way. `` I quit gangsterism because I feel it is clip to discontinue '' . He said that fall ining gangsterism has wasted many old ages of his life. After blowing so many old ages, he told us it is clip to turn over a new foliage and think of the hereafter. Never the lupus erythematosus, he besides considered himself really

    fortunate to hold quitted gangsterism without paying any compensation.

    He agreed that gangsterism contaminates the school environment and his advice for juvenile and adolescents is to take the right friends. He besides commented that school should advance more healthy activities. `` If we are busy, we do n't hold the clip for such bunks such as gangsterism '' . He pointed out the National Service is the good ways to expose the adolescents in assorted activities. He besides thinks that the Crime Prevention Foundation should be more active in leaving cognition about the badness of this societal issue.

    Nicholas ( non the existent name ) , 25 old ages old, Hair stylist

    Our 2nd interviewee who called himself an `` educated mobster '' is presently working as a hairdresser in Kuala Lumpur. He joined gangsterism in 1996 when he was 16 old ages old. Nicholas come from an upper center category household and he said that the deficiency of understanding from household members and academic accomplishment have influenced him into fall ining gangsterism. `` I love to pull and cut people. I am interested in hair manner and manner design but unhappily my household did n't understand and they even look down at me '' . During that depression, he got to cognize new friends who are mobsters. He said that, they were the 1s who listened to him and helped him gained assurance in life. He said his friends who are mobsters were supportive of him of being hair stylist. After cognizing them for few months, he decided to fall in their pack and began stepping on the incorrect way.

    He considered himself as school bully. `` I

    was an `` Educated Gangster '' significance, I do n't pique other people or look for problem '' , he said. The chief ground he joined gangsterism is to derive popularity in school and addition assurance in life. `` I want to stand out: I want the whole secondary school pupils to cognize who I am '' . However he added that he feels vulnerable when walking entirely in school or on the streets.

    He decided to discontinue gangsterism at the age of 17, after he was flunked out by his secondary school. `` I do n't desire to be viewed as a failure ; particularly I do n't desire my household and relations look down on me '' . However, he did n't repent fall ining gangsterism because he gained another existent life experience which money ca n't purchase.

    He agrees that gangsterism contaminates the acquisition environment in schools and he thinks that school should promote more participants in co-curriculum activities. He besides added that there should be more co-curriculum activities for pupils to take part in. As for the person, his advice for adolescents is to remain off from bad company and vitamin E strong in will against bad influence.

     Kelvin ( non the existent name ) , 21 old ages old

    Kelvin is a former mobster who is presently working as a author at the Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel. He earns a pay of merely adequate support for his household. Kelvin was exposed to gangsterism at the age of 13 when he foremost put pes into secondary school. His adolescent life was surrounded by fury and force with influence of gangsterism.

    When he foremost stepped into signifier

    1, Kelvin was the mark for toughs in his school because he was known as Indian that could non talk Tamil. The Indian mobsters found this to be contemptuous and ever use that as an alibi to bully him. Several months subsequently, he was compelled to fall in a pack in order to protect himself. From so onwards, Kelvin to the full associated himself with the pack ; and was involved in pack battles. To derive protection, Kelvin paid RM18 monthly as protection fee to his pack leader. As clip goes by, he easy began to bask and indulge in the hurtful activities. Not merely Kelvin found out that being a mobster has the privilege to vent out his defeat and choler but most significantly the Indian mobsters are afraid to bully him.

    In twelvemonth 2000, Kelvin sunk deeper into gangsterism and turned out to be one of the most ill-famed mobsters known in Sunway country. Furthermore, he was besides involved in the racial clash that happened between Malays and Indians at Kampung Medan in 2001. Soon after, Kelvin involved himself into several drug covering instances. Kelvin identified himself as a hood because these activities were carried out even after he left the secondary school.

    Talking about how the parents and relations viewed him as a mobster, he said that he was non accepted by his household and community and hence the pack was his lone comrade.

    The turning point in Kelvin 's life happened when his parents were cheated by a man of affairs and there was nil that they could make about it. Their life became a wretchedness as they were confronting fiscal jobs. At that

    period of clip, Kelvin spent most of his money purchasing drugs and intoxicant. One twenty-four hours, he eventually realized that he could non go on to populate the life of a hood as he needs to bear the duty of taking attention of the household. This turning point has made Kelvin changed for good and strived for a nice occupation. Kelvin says `` once you pick up the knife, it 's truly difficult to set it down '' . He advised the teenage mobsters to discontinue gangsterism every bit shortly as possible.

    However, he is now working as a author in a hotel and a portion clip manager for a football squad. He unimpeachably regretted doing the determination to fall in gangsterism and said that it was gangsterism that ruined his life. He advised the adolescents presents to be active in activities co-curriculum and societal activities and ended the interview by stating household plays a critical function in a adolescent 's advancement in life.

    Policeman, Chief Inspector Firdaus Azman

    Mr. Firdaus began the interview by stating us that the status of gangsterism in Malaysia is acquiring better compared to 5 to 10 old ages ago. This can be backed by the statistics in Youth Quake where it is said the `` 42 instances of gangsterism in schools were reported in 2002, 25 in instances in 2003 and 27 instances up to March 31st this twelvemonth '' ( Youth Quake 2005 ) . Mr. Firdaus added that the addition of occupation chances and a better life environment has contributed to the worsening rate of gangsterism. He besides added that the most instances can be found in metropoliss such as

    Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor Bahru.

    He said that gangsterism is non a new subject in Malaysia. He explained that gangsterism is the result of societal fortunes such as economic depression and unemployment. However, he said that the gangsterism among the adolescents is still governable. `` The adolescents are largely school bullies. '' The activities associated to school bullies are roll uping protection fees, extortion, strong-arming etc.

    When asked who are more likely to be involved in gangsterism, his replied as follow:

    There is no specific age group ; those with household jobs such as divorced parents and statements in the household as it indirectly puts aside the kid 's public assistance.

    Peer force per unit area. Adolescents are most vulnerable into being influenced when they face jobs in their lives as their failings are easy seen therefore being a `` quarry '' for the mobsters.

    Gangsters may non be those who are weak and hapless, the materially comfortable 1s can besides be involved in gangsterism merely to demo off.

    The research workers asked Inspector Firdaus on what are the ways taken by the governments in controling this issue and the followerss were his answers:

    The constabulary forces in Kuala Selangor have been working hand-in-hand with several secondary schools in controling gangsterism. `` I will pay a visit to the secondary schools and speak face-to-face with the debatable school bullies and give them proper guidance. ''

    In add-on, he said the society should non set everything on the shoulders of the constabulary but work hand-in-hand with them to control the issue. Parents play the most of import function compared to other governments as adolescents merely spent about 6 hours at school while

    the remainder are spent at place. He added by stating parents should non merely concentrate on fulfilling the stuff demands and wants of their kids but lay more accent on disbursement more choice clip as a household with them alternatively.

    The Torahs enacted related to this issue are the Emergency Ordinance and the Penal Code ( Act574 ) . Emergency Ordinance is an regulation where detainment is made without test. Activities such as slaying, robbery, rioting and forcing hurt are of those can be placed under this regulation. If the constabulary felt that the instance is strong against the suspect, they will subject the instance to the ministry and awaits the order from the ministry to detent the suspect. Therefore, he urged the victims of gangsterism should stand out and testifies against the suspect and added the constabulary force need the full co-operation of the populace in order to convey the mobsters to justness.

    His worst instance in covering with gangsterism was a pack battle between 2 groups of outstanding pack in Klang back in 2001. Adolescents with the age of 16 to 17 are involved in this hassle and 3 of them were killed. Bing lone adolescents they were really violent. `` That incident was one of the most unsafe battle as it involved many people '' , said Inspector Firdaus. The governments were alerted about the battle, but by the clip they reached the topographic point some had run off. Fortunately, the governments managed to censure several suspects who were believed to take part in the pack battle.

    Mr. Firdaus 's advice to those who have the idea of fall ining gangsterism non to seek to

    acquire the gustatory sensation of it, make non blend with bad chapeaus, take part more in school activities and do non give in if being approached by mobsters. `` As for those who do hold job, do happen a friend or instructor to speak to, holding a listening party is good as they could offer aid from their friends or instructors, will doubtless cut down the possibility of a adolescent to go a mobster as their job can be detected instantly

    Mr. Firdaus ended the interview the session by stressing that adolescents should non be afraid to near the constabulary when being confronted, perturbed and harassed by mobster as the governments will make their best in doing certain that the victims are safe.


    Most of us understand gangsterism is damaging to us and yet adolescents still make the determination to fall in. Why? Harmonizing to our focal point group interview, all participants form negative feeling about gangsterism ; it is obviously people tend to tie in condemnable Acts of the Apostless misconduct, extortion etc. with gangsterism ; but what is the internal physiological procedure that prompted persons into fall ining gangsterism? It the single differences that make them fall in the gangsterism, or the situational factors? We as human being invariably commit the cardinal ascription mistake and under estimation the external factor ; the same thing goes in organizing scheme and perceptual experience about gangsterism.

    In this research, it is apparent that adolescents joined gangsterism because of situational factor. Adolescents joined gangsterism when they are in demand of something ; it could be money, assurance, acknowledgment and even a girlfriend. Therefore parents should play an of import function

    in understanding what are the wants and the demands of their kids ; both materially and psychologically. Therefore a healthy and close bond household relationship can forestall adolescents from fall ining gangsterism.

    In add-on, it is no uncertainty that the media plays a complex and ambivalent function in the word picture and extension of packs. They may non be proven, identifiable causal nexus between force in the media and existent act of slaughter perpetrated by ill-affected young person, but many people believe that there is. Hence, there is a demand for adolescents to understand that there is a clear differentiation between word picture of gangsterism by the media and the gangsterism in the existent universe and the media should besides educate the viewing audiences that being a mobster does non give you the privilege to make whatever you want.

    Finally, as a decision, we believe that anyone could be influenced into fall ining gangsterism due to household factor, populating environment factor, psychological factor and the most significantly societal influence.

    Critical Analysis in Light of Sociological Positions

    Sociologists portray modern packs as the result of certain societal fortunes such as unemployment, poorness and deficiency of self-pride, which is a controversial and debatable statement. They operate as mini-communities with their ain hierarchies and make a sense of belonging amongst immature in peculiar. To work out the job of packs, the Functionalist has point out that every portion of the society should play their portion efficaciously to guarantee that adolescents are good monitored and guided so that subsequently they can work good in the society. The functionalist sees school as learning the sort of cognitive accomplishments and norms and will subsequently bring

    forth independent grownups that serve the society. We must happen solutions to the socio-economic jobs of our society ( Buckley 2005 ) .

    Opinion or Remark

    Gangsterism should non be allowed to develop at the first topographic point. By taking early preventative steps such offense can be reduced. There are several attacks and ways to control this issue. First, the research workers suggest that the secondary schools should implement a regulation whereby every pupil is mandatory to fall in a lower limit of one co-curriculum activity. This can function as a bar to halt pupils from going mobsters.

    Second, Police Cadet should besides be implemented throughout the secondary schools in Malaysia to work manus in manus with the constabulary force. The Police Cadet is seen as a force that reduces the increasing subject jobs and societal ailment among the primary and secondary schools and the motion should be enforced at least throughout the major schools in urban countries.

    Finally rearing accomplishments must be done. Community empowerment undertakings such as parent workshop should be organized to educate the parent on how to pass on efficaciously with their kids in any fortunes. Parents must be trained as counsellors and besides people in the community must besides be trained as counsellors to assist troubled adolescents.

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