Stressors of Law Enforcement

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Working in the field of law enforcement can be rewarding, and yet very stressful. People tend to think of criminals when they they discus the stress of a police officer. This is a major factor that causes stress, however there are many other stressors involved with law enforcement. Working in a field that requires you to put yourself in danger for public safety, is very stressful. Everyone, no matter what their occupation is, deals with stress. Occupations such as the military can have a different level of stress then law enforcement officers experience.

Many military personal fear close combat encounters, deadly force, and fear of the unknown. Some of which law enforcement officers will never experience. Law enforcement officers deal with stressful situations on a daily basis. Officers may get a call to a house for a well-being check because a neighbor has not been seen for days. Upon arriving to the house they may find the remains of an elderly person who passed away days ago. Upon moving the remains into a body bag, they will have to deal with the offensive odor, maggots, and of course, the sight of a decomposing body.

After he corpse is identified, detectives must then find who the immediate family is. Notifying the family that a loved one has passed can be difficult, and saddening duty of a police officer. This is a situation the general public will hopefully, never have to deal with. On a daily basis, police officers abet citizens when there is an automobile accident. This is a stressful situation because there maybe people in pain and suffering, or fatalities maybe involved due to the accident. Police officer have to often comfort children who may have just lost a parent in an automobile accident.

In the worst case scenario, a vehicle could have caught on fire with people inside who were unable to escape. This is hard for both police officers and fire fighters, who will have to see and removed the burnt remains. Other heart reaching and stressful situation of an automobile accident is were a vehicle was driven into a body of water. An officer may receive a call where people are trapped inside a vehicle that is immersed under water. In a situation like this, there is only minutes until everyone drowns. This places a tremendous amount of stress on police officers to quickly and successfully save the lives in that vehicle.

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