Stress Management CSUF

Cognitive Reconstruring
Chsnging hor uou experoance sng respobd to stressful situations by changing how you view them
Victor Frankl (Holocaust survivor)
Proved that people can change their attitudes and find meaning in the most horrific experiences
Victor Frankl and creating meaning
Meaning is pos associated with life satisfaction/happiness
Albert Ellis
Developed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
Teaches people how to identify what they are doing to upset themselves, in turn, to change the nature of their thinking in such a way to produce more desirable outcome
ABC Theory of emotions (pg. 148 ex)
Each letter stands for a stage in the process of emotional disturbance

A: activating agents
B: Irrational belief
C: Emotional Consequence
D: Dispute irrational beliefs
E: emotional effect (elimination of neg thought)

Absolute Demands (irrational belief)
“Life isn’t fair”
Absolute Judgements (irrational belief)
The use of absolute self descriptors that define who you are based on a limited sample of your behavior

“I’m not good at math”

Awfulizing or Catastrophizing (irrational belief)
Beliefs represented by gross exaggeration of reality in which you think as if you have suffered the worst tragedy imaginable
Low frustration (irrational belief
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