Strengths and weaknesses of management theories

Classical – Scientific Theory
Strengths: based on scientific priniciples, division of labour, high worker productivity, clear chain of command, rules and regulations.
Weaknesses: boredom and exploitation, autocratic, job satifaction is ignored, alienation between employees and managers.
Political theory
Strengths: recognises “powerplays”, acknowledge coalitions and networks highlights the need for negotiation and bargaining
Weaknesses: misuse of power (bullying, harassment), internal conflict
Behavioural theory
Strengths: human needs recognised, high morale, empowered employees l, motivated team members, flatter structures (tend to improve communication)
Weaknesses: difficult to predict humans behaviour, slower decision making process, no clear chain of command
Contingency Management theory
Strengths: adapting management style to the situation, tall or flat structure,
Weaknesses: lots of change and employees can feel unsure of the current situation.

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