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There are new initiatives being done in the organization of Wal-Mart Store. First there is the policy and focus on diversity issues in hiring employees to work for the company. Emphasizing that diversity does not just happen and mere say of commitment to the issue is not enough but should be reinforced with right “systems, processes and leadership” to make it work (“Diversity, n. d. ) means that the company is on the right path.

Strategy-wise, this move by the company to embrace diversity in its workforce is a good business maneuver for the company known notoriously for getting too much criticism on its stinginess in giving enough wage for its employees. The embracement towards diversification in the choice of who should be hired by the company has a ripple effect on the multi-cultural population of United States.

Wal-Mart Store now becomes closer to most of the people and citizens of the country considering that every ethic minority or race is welcome to work for the giant retailer. The effect of this, business-wise, is that the public consumers which are constituted by different race. The community now sees the establishment as something close and without bias against

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any race. Since United States is being challenged by the cultural diversity of its demography, this move by Wal-Mart is timely and politically correct at the same time.

As mentioned above, since the people now considered Wal-Mart as an amiable firm run by people who does not discriminate, the citizens of the country will be attracted to patronize the company. If Wal-Mart is able to attract people of different cultural background, this only means more and steady earning and revenue for it. At the same time, this move towards diversification in terms of hiring new employees or associates is a good, deft, timely public relations maneuver for Wal-Mart.

The make-up of United States population is constituted of different race and ethnical background, as mentioned above, and this operational strategy of the retailer while broadening its choices for picking a good employee is at the same time broadcasting to the people of America that Wal-Mart is a company that is true to the beliefs of equality among the people around its community and in the United States as a whole. A deft, timely public relations move since Wal-Mart will be endeared to every people of America whatever may be their cultural background.

Another plan that is initiated by the company of Wal-Mart is continuing on the vision laid out in CEO Lee Scott’s October 2005 Leadership in the 21st Century speech. As stated by Scott in his 2005 speech, the company is taking the obligation and responsibility of pursuing its environmental-friendly objective that the CEO saw then as something the firm ought to do for its “customer, communities, associates and suppliers” (“Wal-Mart Expands Leadership,” 2008).

This steady and consistent move by CEO Lee Scott in pursuing his vision of a clean environment that is well protected is a good business strategy move for the company since this will parry the blows the firm is getting and receiving on a regular dose from its staunchest critics and competitors. By focusing on something special a task and objective, the company is doing a business strategy move and public relations maneuver simultaneously that will present and give the giant retailer an image of something humane and not just money-driven company.

By doing so, the people and the consumer public will find it easy on them to patronize and buy products from the stores run by the company. Anyhow, the choice of picking the environment as a good subject to be targeted as a means to serve the community and advertise at the same time the company’s name is timely and long called for.

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