Strategies for Small-and Medium-Sized Hotels in Slovak Republic reading

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The reading focuses on the development of small and medium sized hotel industry to provide accommodation and catering service. The key stakeholders involved are: the government who own hotels through companies, formulate and enforce laws and standards and provide financial support to the tourism enterprises; private enterprises, which own and operate some of the hotels and offer other tourist services and; cooperatives, companies and organisations that own and operate some hotels and offer marketing services.

The development approaches reflected are: focus on particular market segments, active sale as well as co-operation within a tourism destination, the establishment of voluntary association and franchising. Active sale and co-operation appear to be dominant than others since it is inclusive and it is the only way to create a product promoted in the market under one brand. The outcome for tourism development is stimulation of the development of the tourist infrastructure and thereby regional and local development in tourism destinations.Lack of integration of the hotel enterprises to form national domestic chains or multinational chains render them less competitive. The small and medium sized hotels do not meet high standards and hence they have low occupancy and hence low profits.

The evidence of application of sustainable policies or practices is reflected by non-financial support for the small and medium sized hotel. Some of the policies are provision of consultancy and investing in education to enhance knowledge and practical skills in operation of a market economy.Setting of standard and laws by the government is also a sustainable practice in that it makes the hotel industry to modernize and meet international standards. Introduction of quality programmes enhance implementation of quality management in tourism enterprises. In my opinion, i would recommend the small and medium sized hotels to embrace online marketing strategy to market their products and to research on consumer preferences.

This will enable them to develop their enterprises to meet consumer needs and thereby increase occupancy rate as well as profit (Gucik et al., 2007).ReferencesO’connor, P (2008). Intercontinental hotel group: Dealing with intermediaries. In E. Roman and B .

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, Marakova, V. , and Sipkova, I. (2007). Strategies for small- and medium-sized hotels in the Slovak Republic.

In T. Rhodri and A. Marcjanna (Eds. ), Tourism in the new Europe : perspectives on SME policies and practices (pp.

147-160), Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier.

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