Strategies for Overcoming Constraints

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Women can learn to use above-mentioned ‘female’ networks to boost their employment opportunities. Connecting with other women in such a network, a woman will find ways to raise her chances for lucrative and rewarding employment.

Mentors can also help women build strategies that will give them a chance to find better employment. On the other hand, women should not stay passive watching discriminatory practices. Instead, they should push for promotion of their needs, for instance, demanding greater participation in corporate decision-making and increase in women’s numbers in departments that previously were exclusively male.In addition, women have to push for policies that will improve the conditions for working mothers, such as increase in maternity leaves, rise in corporate assistance levels at childbirth and extension of leaves given to women with children. Teamwork is becoming important in today’s society. Women are typically well-suited for this kind of cooperation that will probably soon replace the traditional hierarchical system due to their greater ability to building equal relationships with peers and subordinates.

Some studies lead one to the conclusion that women can outperform men as managers as they have “more nurturing, conciliatory natures” (Glasscock). As traditional hierarchies based on authority of top managers that dictated their will to the other members of the organization are replaced by teamwork, women are more likely to rise to the top positions. Today, “the old warrior-leader model of decisiveness, independence and unquestioned authority has given away to a new model requiring skills at which women excel: cooperation, nurturing, consensus building and team work” (Glasscock).Subtopic 1: Changing Roles of Women in the Workplace In my work, I can help women to continuously probe into areas that have hitherto been closed for them. For instance, in the managerial position I can encourage women to take risks ruling their own business and trying to sort out issues that require technical expertise that is usually ascribed to men. Besides, I can initiate efforts on proposals submitted by women.

It also seems to make sense to initiate discussions about the role of women in the workplace.As in talk with the previously mentioned boss, I think it made sense to simply make him talk about the issue. In the process of conversation, people can recognize their mistakes, conceptualise their own position with more precision, and test the impression their views make on others. Subtopic 2: Constraints for Women in the Workforce In my company, there are plenty of women with children who face the necessity to take time off work when these children get ill. We can launch an initiative that will provide them with kindergarten or maybe negotiate access to cheaper nursing services.

As children and the need to care for them is often a barrier for women eager to continue their education, we can arrange distance learning programs for women with kids, helping them to bridge the gap between their potential and qualifications. Subtopic 3: Results of Socialization on Women’s Expectations of Themselves My experience with female colleagues has taught me that today socialization may yield different results than in the past. They are indeed concentrated on looking good, attracting men, and making a successful family, but they are also interested in being successful at work.Encouragement at the workplace can offer women an additional incentive to stress the achievement component of their motivation. Subtopic 4: Discrimination and Legislation As stated above, discrimination is not eliminated through legislative initiatives only. In my company, the management has an unofficial target of having at least 30% of women among employees.

They would like to raise this target higher, but as a company with heavy involvement of IT personnel, we simply cannot find enough talented female professionals in this area where the pool of applicants is predominantly male.A rise in the number of women employees, in the perception of the management, can help accommodate women that are already working in the company. The presence of female bosses will help men to adjust more effectively to working with female employees and help create equal opportunities for all. Subtopic 5: Strategies for Overcoming Constraints, Including Networking Mentors In our company, a woman facing constraints feels free to talk about this problem to the management.While executives are not always able to offer ready-made solutions, they will take note of the problem and attempt to resolve it. There are no special mentors helping women succeed, and the management tries to discourage the creation of networks formed on demographic principles.

Subtopic 6: A Description and Analysis of Teamwork Within my company, teams are of special importance. Most projects run as teams, and the solution of temporary challenges often requires the creation of interim teams. Women are active team participants and often act as team builders.They are often charged with special organizational initiatives. For instance, recently a relatively new female employee undertook the task of organizing lunch service for the personnel.

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