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Strategic management is formulation, implementation and evaluation to check if made decisions are being implemented in the right manner. Any strategic management must have mainly the following processes; strategy planning, strategy execution and strategy assessment.

This discloses what is being done by Miami-Dade Public schools and they are excelling in everything and emerging the leader in many areas. In strategy planning, the businessman must come up with an outline showing the objectives he is intending to achieve. These objectives must be specific, meaning that they must not be generalized.

They must be measurable; there must be means to quantify how much is achieved. They must be attainable; implying that the organization must have both resources and means of achieving the set objectives. They must be realistic; the objectives are supposed to be pragmatic e.

g. Not to set goals too high or too low for the company. And finally they must be time bound; a certain action must be achieved within the planned period, through conducting review of strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Chaffee, 1995). In strategy execution, the organization must be restricted in implementing its planned action in all aspects.

For instance it must allocate sufficient resources, establishing a good chain of command for best performance, delegating responsibilities to attain maximum results, managing the whole process among others. Strategy assessment is trying to get the feedback so that to compare the actual from planned (Chaffee, 1995). In case of deviation from planned, then appropriate measures must be taken to correct the situation. This can be obtained through conducting a review of strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the business.

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