Strategic Approach

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Hence, through this training, it is also expected that managers themselves adjust to the needs of their employees before they could demand fine performance from the said body of workers. As a result, they are also able to set a model that would be followed by their lower subordinates in the company. This managerial task is not a game of pleasing the ‘bosses’, but it is a responsibility towards the expansion and development of the business. Responsibility and expectation cycle (Employee to management to company relation)

Analysis: It could be noticed that managers have a great role in the part of making it possible for employees to realize satisfaction while at work. Their recognition of the needs and expectations of the employees would naturally help in the promotion of better performance among lower level employees. Aside form this, the managers also serve as mediators to the comments and complaints of the employees towards the company’s higher administration.

Through their existence, disputes are solved in a more systematic and considerably peaceful manner. Through the application of ethical standards, managers are able to provide both the company and the employees as well with ample attention and thus address to

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their needs and demands in a systematic arrangement. Certainly, managers who are able to scale the situation and the essentiality of their role in the companies that they work for are the ones who are able to complete their tasks without any disappointments in themselves.


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