Stop Kiss

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After she gets attack, Sara gets into coma and become major of the play. People in the play tried to help Sarah starting with Peter who is Sara’s ex- boyfriend from SST. Louis, he tried to help her to get healthy again. Next, George who is Collie best friend but he cannot do much about it. Diana Son shows us a human emoting, reacting, and compassion in the play. Stop Kiss is showing us relationship are formed, explored, and even ended. I feel Like this play Is a fun and excited story which eases the believability factor.

It also offers a different kind of acting challenge, because It Is built on brief scenes that alternate between the growing friendship between two women and events that occur after one of them Is attacked in a gay bashing. There are some funny and sweet moments as the two women get to know one another, and the story eventually raises questions of commitment that provide their own challenges. But the play takes on a more involving life in the scenes that take place after Sara is attacked. In the play, we can see how this play effect to our society today.

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part we an see is when two of woman are in love with each other which not most of us are agree with it. Also, we can see the crime that happen in our society are very dangerous. The depiction of the bitter aftermath of a random hate crime is disturbing, and very much still within our society today. My passion for this play stems from two close friends and the story behind the story. They unexpectedly fell In love and found Stop Kiss Inspirational, relevant and a story that needed to be told. Diana Son Is an Asian-American playwright, her most notable play being “Stop

Kiss,” which was first performed in 1998. Some of her other plays include “BOY,” “Fishes,” “R. A. W. (cause I’m a Woman! ‘ and “Satellites. ” She has received a number of awards for her plays, including the GLAD Media Award for Best New York Production for “Stop Kiss,” the Barilla Kerr Award for playwriting, the NEE/TAG Residency grant at the Mark Taper Forum and a Brooks Atkinson Fellowship at the Royal National Theatre in London. Her first play, “Wrecked On Breech” was published in 1987. Diana Son currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and their three sons.

She has stated that she occasionally feels out of place In New York and is often asked where she Is originally from. Son was born In Dover, Delaware in 1965, and was raised there until she moved to New York to study dramatic literature at New York university. She theorizes that there may be two reasons why so many people ask about her Orleans: either she sticks out as a non-native New Yorker or because she looks as though she came from an exotic land, though she claims that Dover, heritage or is simply choosing not to share is left ambiguous.

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