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Estrogen-Containing nutrients: A homosexual hazard to males

Thesis: Predisposing factors of homosexualism are nutrients that contain a high degree of estrogen such as poulet, soy beans and dairy merchandises like milk that may set males at hazard for a alteration in gender by changing the hormonal degree of estrogen therefore altering secondary features in males such as expansion of chest ( gynecomastia ) , alteration in psychological behavior, erectile disfunction and a lessening in libido.

I. The estrogen is a group of female sex endocrines directed to the development of female sexual features.

A. Steroidal estrogen is cholesterol derived functions consisting a group of structurally related hormonally active molecules that control sex and growing endocrines.

1. Estrone is an estrogenic endocrine secreted by the ovary every bit good as adipose tissue.

2. Estradiol is the prevailing sex endocrine nowadays in females and males.

3. Estriol is merely produced in important sums during gestation.

B. Non-steroidal estrogen is a scope of man-made and natural substances have been identified that besides possesses estrogenic activity.

1. Xenoestrogen assume the function of estrogens in the organic structure. This includes commercially raised, non-organic meat such as beef, poulet and porc, dairy merchandises including milk, cheese and ice pick.

2. Phytoestrogens are works merchandises with estrogenic activity. This includes soy merchandises, cereals, staff of lifes, leguminous plants, meat merchandises and other processed nutrients that contain soy, veggies, fruit, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

3. Mycoestrogens are those produced by Fungi. These are normally found in stored grain and silage.

II. Estrogen laterality is a endocrine instability that occurs when degrees of the endocrine estrogen are excessively high in relation to other endocrines in the organic structure.

A. The most influential biological theory of sexual orientation is that endocrines act upon the development of nervous constructions that regulates sexual behavior.

1. The estrogen derived from aromatose really displaces testosterone to the receptor sites and would do an consequence of “ turning off ” testosterone goaded activities.

2. Increase estrogen can take to do sexual disfunction and has reduced ability to blurt out.

3. Excess estrogen degree in work forces may besides take to sterility.

B. High estrogen degrees in mencan alter the normal operation of males therefore attesting female features.

1. Gynecomastia ( breast expansion in work forces ) consequences from an altered estrogen-androgen balance or from increased chest sensitiveness to a normal circulating estrogen degree.

2. Work force may be every bit emotional as adult females and may besides see depression.

3. Elevated degree of estrogen can do loss of musculus tone.

III. Homosexuality is a romantic or sexual attractive force or behavior between members of the same sex or gender.

A. There are different theories on homosexualism.

1. Freud believed that the experiences with equals and parents resulted in being homosexual.

2. Ellis believed that being a homophile started early in life and is non considered indecent.

B. Estrogen ‘s actions in the encephalon and the bases for the alterations in work forces.

1. Estrogen can do alteration in sexual dimorphisms in work forces.

2. Estrogen ‘s consequence on males are reversible but so can convey about alterations in their ain sexual dimorphism.

3. Increased degrees of estrogen can decelerate the production of testosterone in work forces therefore female features begin to be manifested by males.

IV. High degrees of Estrogen can change the normal operation of males therefore predisposing males to attest female features.

A. Males who have increased degree of estrogen may exhibit features of females.

B. Increased estrogen in males can do reversible effects or hormonal response which alters the sex presentation of males.

C. High degree of estrogen are found in nutrients like soy merchandises, processed meats and some of the dairy merchandises like milk and cheese.

The population of homosexual is quickly increasing and it is apparent in the society. Theorists have formulated different likely causes of homosexualism. Harmonizing to J. Michael Bailey and Richard C. Dillard, homosexualism is bought by familial foundation and is related to the sex endocrines specifically the endocrine Estrogen. This survey aims to further set up strong grounds that the addition ingestion of estrogen-containing nutrients will predispose males to homosexualism. Estrogen is the endocrine responsible for the development of the secondary sex features in females though it is present besides in males in minimum sum for the ripening of the sperm cells and musculus tone development.

There are two different sorts of Estrogen: Steroidal and Nondsteroidal. Steroidal Estrogens are responsible in commanding sex and growing endocrines. There are three different constituents of Steroidal Estrogens: Estrone which is secreted by the ovary, Estradiol which is the prevailing sex endocrine, and Estriol which is present during gestation. Of which, the Estradiol is said to be the endocrine responsible for the alterations in secondary sex features in both males and females. On the other manus, the Nondsteroidal Estrogen is man-made and natural substances that imitates the actions of estrogen in the organic structure. There are three different sorts of Nondsteroidal Estrogen: Xenoestrogens, a type of xenohormone, frequently found in commercially raised, non-organic meat such as beef, poulet, and porc, and dairy merchandises including milk, cheese, and ice pick. Following type is the Phytoestrogens which are works merchandises with estrogenic activity, largely found in soy nutrients like soy, veggies, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Last, the Mycoestrogens which are produced by Fungi and is normally found in stored grain and silage.

These merchandises have been one of the factors that addition Estrogen in males which lead to alterations in features such as expansion of the chest, known as gynecomastia, erectile disfunction, lessening in libido, and a alteration in psychological behavior such as heightening of the emotional aspects.Take for illustration the poulets. Harmonizing to Hrabia ( 2011 ) , during the first hebdomad of birth of a poulet, steroid Estrogen is injected to the blood stream which so disrupts the production of Lipo-Lutin. Alternatively of bring forthing Lipo-Lutin, Estrogen is being released in the poulet organic structure thereby doing alterations to the poulet ‘s physical features, doing them look bigger at early age. Peoples believed that when work forces eat chicken with high estrogen, or any other merchandises which are believed to hold high estrogen, do them at hazard of being homosexual.

There has been a survey about how asubstance in nutrient can change the chemicals in our organic structure to do such a alteration in work forces ‘s features. That survey is called Nutrigenomics. Harmonizing to Insel, P. ( 2007 ) , nutrient substances alter molecular procedures such as Deoxyribonucleic acid construction, formation, cistron look and metamorphosis. It can move straight or indirectly on the human genome and alters the construction and cistron look thoughthe survey is still on traveling.

Balance is really of import in our organic structures to assist us map at our optimum degree. There are legion procedures that help our organic structure achieve balance, one illustration would be the procedure of aromatization.according to G D Braunstein ( 1999 ) , it is a procedure wherein testosterone is converted to estrogen. It happens in work forces but it is besides nowadayss in females in an occasional footing. Nowadays, work forces engage in patterns that would increase their testosterone degree like for illustration shooting the endocrine in their organic structure to look more masculine compared to other work forces but small did they know that the extra testosterone will finally be converted to Estrogen. Men, of course, merely have a small sum of Estrogen so if a batch of Estrogen has been stored because of the aromatose, so there might be increased degree of Estrogen nowadays than what is really needed and if degrees of Estrogen would be higher than the degrees of testosterone nowadays, frequently referred as “ estrogen laterality ” , so alteration would happen changing the normal operation of the organic structure. Estrogen would so barricade testosterone receptors suppressing the release of testosterone in the organic structure and that would finally impact the production of sperm therefore taking to less sperm count, one ground of sterility to work forces. Because of less testosterone, the musculuss begin to atrophy therefore taking to diminish ability of hard-on. Environmental estrogens, besides called as the xenoestrogens, are rather abundant around us. It is present in meats, dairy merchandises and this contributes besides to an addition in the estrogen in the organic structure, and this chemical is known to hold an consequence besides to the sterility to work forces.

Meanwhile, surveies show that high degrees of estrogen in work forces are good during gender reassignment due to the man-made endocrine that causes female features to develop in work forces. This female secondary characteristic involves gynecomastia and less musculus tone and they may see alterations in emotional facet like temper swings and even depression. Based from Braunstein ‘s survey, Gynecomastia occurs when there is an instability or altered estrogen-androgen action at the chest tissue degrees. This occurs due to an addition in free estrogen through direct secernment from the testicles or adrenal secretory organs, supplanting of more estrogen than androgen from the blood conveyance protein, or through an disposal or exposure to exogenic estrogen or estrogen like merchandises, such as soy merchandises. There could besides be loss of musculus tone since estrogen is a female endocrine, it brings out the feminine side of a individual which is flexibleness and therefore lessens adult male ‘s maleness. Work force may besides endure from depression and temper displacement which is normally ensuing from emphasis. Harmonizing to Shansky ( 2009 ) , depression is precipitated by emphasis and it is apparent that estrogen plays a critical function in modulating the 5-hydroxytryptamine receptors and transporters, a endocrine responsible in temper ordinance. Harmonizing to the survey, estrogen-stress interactions act on the three countries of the encephalon, where temper is being regulated- hippocampus, amygdaloid nucleus, and prefrontal cerebral mantle. In estrogen-stress interactions in the hippocampus, estrogen rendered the hippocampus to be more sensitive to the inauspicious effects of emphasis that causes an impaired cognitive public presentation in male. In amygdaloid nucleus, it plays a critical function in treating a stimulation though there is no adequate grounds to understand the effects of estrogen in this part. Last, in the prefrontal cerebral mantle, estrogen can overstate the effects of emphasis that causes hapless concentration, drawn-out unhappiness, negative ideas, and impaired verbal eloquence.

On the other manus, sexual orientation is a form of emotional or romantic attractive force to work forces, adult females or to both sexes while homosexualism is a sexual or romantic attractive force between work forces. There are theoreticians who focused their survey on the homophiles and one of them is the celebrated Sigmund Freud in his Psychodynamic theory. Freud stated that work forces were born bisexual and they become homosexual as a consequence of their life experiences. Freud has six phases of the psychodynamic theory. Homosexuality enters when there is an unsolved issue at the phallic phase. The phallic phase is where the Oedipus complex happens ; in this phase, the kid idolizes his male parent and does anything to acquire the attending of his female parent. The kid besides imitates the actions of the male parent. At this phase, that behavior is normal for a kid, it merely becomes unnatural when the kid, alternatively to the female parent, develops feelings towards the male parent. If this state of affairs remains unsolved until the kid reaches ripening, harmonizing to Freud, the kid so develops attractive force to his same sex therefore going a homosexual. Aside from Freud, another theoretician has shared his penetrations about homosexualism. His name was Havelock Elli, he claimed that being a homophile started early in life and is non considered indecent.. He farther argued that being a homophile is non a disease alternatively they bring great part to the society. Ellis tried to follow the beginning of an single being a homosexual through their personal experiences in life and that theory is called sexual inversion. In his theory, he brought back the self-respect and regard for the homophiles in the society. Many homophiles in Britain wrote letters to Ellis bespeaking their jobs and life narrative for Elli to assist them follow their beginning.

Each gender has its ain features and that is someway coined as sexual dimorphism which is controlled by the hypothalamus. If there are certain alterations that happen in the ordinance in the hypothalamus, it would besides convey about alterations in the generative endocrines and copulating behaviors specifically the sexual penchants. The change may be brought by a batch of factors and one would be the addition degree of estrogen in the organic structure. There are several estrogen receptors available in the organic structure and most of them are found in the anterior hypothalamus. As mentioned earlier, there are abundant supplies of estrogen-like compounds available in the environment, one would be xenoestrogens that imitates the actions of estrogen in our organic structure. The xenoestrogens will so attach itself to the estrogen receptors forestalling the natural estrogens to doing change in the procedure. Since the degrees of estrogen may be higher than what is required, it would so direct signals to the hypothalamus which would so direct messages to the autonomic nervous system which would so ensue to changes in the normal operation of the organic structure. A individual may exhibit manifestations that are non present earlier. And bit by bit if estrogen would over power testosterone in work forces, so its sexual dimorphism will finally alter and this is referred as the “ feminisation ” . And finally, sexual behavior will be altered and that would predispose a individual in a alteration in sexual penchant since the feature of the other sexual dimorphism has been adapted due to the presence of surplus estrogen which is the chief constituent nowadays in the other gender.

Therefore, we can state how of import balance is in our organic structure. Too much of everything may do injury and lesser sums of chemicals could besides set worlds in injury. We can non swear the environment that we are populating today. Who would hold thought that the nutrients incorporating estrogen compounds like the dairy merchandises, soy merchandises and meats which keep us healthy would be the same nutrients that could alter our normal operation in footings of our gender and generative procedures and would predispose work forces to a batch of physical properties like gynecomastia, sexual disfunction and worse would be sterility. Estrogen incorporating nutrients could besides be a hazard of altering male ‘s sexual orientation due to the feminisation procedure that happens when the estrogen endocrine has dominated the testosterone degrees in their organic structure. But so the effects are reversible, features will be changed if estrogen degrees in the organic structure is controlled. Even so, there has non been any strong grounds that estrogen itself is responsible for these alterations because there are a batch of factors to be considered. One would be its familial sensitivity, societal and cultural disposition and their life style. That is why high degrees of estrogen will stay a hazard factor and non a cause.

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