Stem study guide #1

The difference between a want and a need.
Want: Something you can live without.
Need: Something you can not live without.

The difference between an invention and an innovation.
Invention: A brand new product.
Innovation: An improvement to an item

The definition and the difference between Science and Technology.
Science: Natural world
Technology: Human made creations
The difference between science and technology is that technology is human made creation while science is the natural world.

Examples of different categories of technology.
Information technology
Communication technology
Agricultural technology
Transportation technology
Energy and power technology
Medical technology
Environmental technology
Manufacturing technology
Materials technology

Examples of the jobs/roles that different engineers may have. (from Intro to Engineering PowerPoint in class
An electrical engineer a GPS for your vehicle.
A pharmaceutical/chemical engineer may find a cure for disease.

A computer engineer may build a computer the size of your watch.

A mechanical engineer may create a robot to discover water on a planet.

An agricultural engineer may evaluate the effects of global warming on food production.

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