Stages of Meiosis

Cell grows, performs its normal functions, and prepares for division; consists of G1, S, and G2 phases

Prophase I
The first phase of meiosis I. the replicated chromosomes condense, homologous chromsomes pair up, crossing over occurs between homologous chromosomes, the spindle is formed, and the nuclear envelope breaks apart into vesicles. the longest phase of meiosis.

Metaphase I
Assembly of the spindle apparatus is completed, and the chromosome pairs (bivalents) line up across the center of the cell between the two centrioles.

Anaphase I
homologous chromosomes are separated (the bivalent is split) and pulled to opposite sides of the cell.

Telophase I
2 haploid daughter cells formed each with only one chromosome from each homologous pair

Prophase II
The first phase of meiosis II in which spindle fibers begin to reappear and centrioles move to opposite poles essay writer help

Metaphase II
chromosomes line up along the equatorial plan

Anaphase II
centromere splits, sister chromatids are pulled to opposite poles by the spindle fibers

Telophase II
A nuclear envelope forms around each set of chromosomes and cytokinesis occurs, producing four daughter cells, each with a haploid set of chromosomes.
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