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What are the 8 aspects of religion? 1. Beliefs2. Symbols3. Myths and Stories4. Religious Experience 5. Rituals 6. Social structure7. Ethical Principals8. Sacred Text
What is a Eulogy? A speech or written praise about a person or thing that has died.
Religious Persecution Mistreatment of an individual or group as a response to their Religious Beliefs
What are the benefits of understanding different religions? We can be more tolerant and there is less chance of offending people. Less violence. More empathy and consideration.
Religion Freedom to worship, follow have faith in a god or beliefs.
Religious Tolerance People allowing other people to practise their religion beliefs.
What are the 5 stages of grief? 1. Denial2. Rage/anger3. Bargaining 4. Depression5 Acceptance
What do catholics believe about death or the after life?
What is Ecumenism? The movement or tendency toward worldwide Christian unity or cooperation.
What relationship does the Catholic Church have with other Christian Churches and other world religions?

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