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What is a Mitosis? The division of cell nucleus and it's content
What is a Gap 1? A cell carries out it's normal functions. If it's a skeletal muscle cell, it contracts to move joints.
What is a Synthesis? The combing of parts to make a whole. During the S stage, the cell makes a copy of it's nuclear DNA.
What is Gap 2? Cells continue to carry out their normal functions, and additional growth occurs.
What's the Inter Phase? It prepares the cell to divide.
What is Cytokinesis? It divides the cytoplasm into two cells and completes a full stage of a cell cycle.
What is a Chromosome? A chromosome is one long continuous thread of DNA that consist of numerous genes along with it's regularity information.
What are Histones? At almost all times during the cell cycle, each of your chromosomes is associated with a group of proteins.
Why do cells divided at different rates? The rate at which your cells divide is linked to your body's need for those cells.
Why do chromosomes condense at the start of mitosis? These changes in DNA's organization allow a cell to carry out it's necessary functions.
Why are cells size's limited? The upper limit on a cell size is due to the ratio of the cells surface area to volume. Recall that oxygen nutrients, and wastes move across the cell membrane, or the surface `of the cell.
Why does the cell cycle have four main stage? The cell cycle is try regular pattern of growth, DNA duplication, and cell division that occurs in eukaryotic cells.
What is a Chromatid? One half of a duplicated chromosome.
What is a Centromere? Sister chromatids are held together at the centromere, a region of the condensed chromosome that looks pinched.
What is a Chromatin? At this stage—the “spaghetti” stage—the loose combination of DNA and proteins

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