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how does the DNA fit inside the microscopic nucleus the DNA wrap around proteins that help organize it and condense it
how many chromosomes are there before mitosis 46
how many chromosomes are there after mitosis 23
how does cytokensis differ from plant and animal cells animial cells from forrow while plant cells don't
what is the relationship between a molecule of DNA and a chromosome well technatly a chomosome is extremmly condensed DNA with would make them the same thing
which has the largest suface area to volume ratio a tennis ball or a soccer ball. the tennis ball.
do you think a skin cell would have a short G1 stage yes. since they divide every 2 weeks it would make sence for it to have a short G1 phase
why is cell size litmed because if it's too big it wouldn't be able to efecively feed itself, and if too small the organilles wouldn't be able to fit
what might happen if the G2 checkpoint stopped working in cells a cell with problems would divide with said probelems and possibly create a cancer cell
which cell has the largest surface are cell number 3(the largest, or the one without a nucles)
which cell has the largest surface area to volume ratio cell number 1(aka the smallest)

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