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antecubital major superfical veins located in the antecubital fossa.
arrhythmia irregularity in the heart rate ,rythm , or beat
atria the upper receiving chamber on each side of the heart
basilic vein last choice large vein , on the inner side of the antecubital area, for venipuncture.
blood pressure a measure of the force (pressure) exerted by the blood on the walls of the blood vessels.
cardiac cycle one complete contraction and subsequent relaxation of the heart.
cephalic vein the second choice antecubital vein for the venipuncture ,located in the lateral aspect of the antecubital fossa.
coagulation the blood clotting process
cross match a test to determine suitability of mixing donor and recipent blood
diastole the relaxing phase of the cardiac cycle
electrocardiogram an actual record of the electrical currents corresponding to each event in heart muscle contraction
erythrocyte red blood cell (RBC) anuclear ,diskshaped blood cell whose main function is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissue cells and to transport carbon dioxide away from the cell to the lungs .
extrinsic orignating outside

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