Sputum Bowl

What is the most important mechanism that determines the deposition of particles 0.1 micrograms and smaller in the respiratory tract?
Brownian motion

Name the four types of hypoxia
Anemic hypoxia
Stagnant hypoxia
Histotoxic hypoxia
Hypoxemic hypoxia

What Morphologic effects (tissue responses) does oxygen toxicity bring about?
Reduced muciliary action
Interference with pulmonary surfactant
Oxygen pneumonia
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Alveolar membrane formation
Retrolental fibroplasias

What color is an E cylinder of Cyclopropane?

In the use of heliox therapy to get the proper total flow of an 80:20% mixture, multiply the flow that is shown on the flow meter by what factor?

Name three indications for oxygen therapy?
Decrease the work of breathing, decrease myocardial work, and hypoxemia

What is the universal color code for oxygen cylinders?

What is the molecular weight of O2?
32 grams

What is the benefit of a HME over a heated humidifier?
The HME allows humidity with out condensation formation

What are two factors affecting the delivery of nebulized medication through ventilators?
The nebulizer, treatment time, Ventilator type, humidifier, Inspiratory time fraction, volume of solution nebilized

Which cylinder size has a mandatory requirement for color coding?
E cylinders

What is the duration of flow for and E cylinder?
0.28 L/psi

What 2 factors are influenced by the patient in determining the FIO2 delivered by a nasal cannula
Tidal volume or tidal ventilation
Inspiratory Flow Rate

An oxygen concentrator that uses this method will produce an FIO2 of 0.9 at a flow of 2 LPM and 0.5 at 10 LPM
Molecular Sieve

This type of gauge will read erroneously high if resistance is placed on the outlet port.
Bourdon Gauge

How tall is an H cylinder?
55 inches

A total liter flow of no less than _______L/min is considered a general guide for resting patients and more is needed for those with a rapid breathing pattern who need a fixed performance device.

What is the half-life of carboxyhemoglobin when 100% oxygen is breathed?
less than 90 minutes

What is the name of the device which controls both pressure and flow of gas

At atmospheric pressure, water and steam co-exist at what temperature?
100 degrees celsius

Name one of the free radicals of O2 toxicity which can be produced at the cellular level.
hydrogen peroxide, superoxide, hydroxyl, singlet exited oxygen

What are the 3 physiologic effects of increasing arterial oxygen tension by use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber?
New capillary bed formation
Arteriolar constriction
Alteration of growth and metabolism of anaerobic and aerobic organisms

The cylinder marking “3A” indicated what two types of steel
High-carbon, medium-manganese

What is the boiling point of Nitrogen?
-135.8 C

What is the first observable physiologic effect of exposure to high PO2’s on the lung?
Damage to the capillary endothelium

Name two types of values on cylinders containing medical gases
Direct acting (needle valve) and diaphragm

IN the American Standard Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet and Inlet Connections Safety System the connection for oxygen has how many threads per inch?

The American Standard Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet and Inlet Connections Safety System is used for what size cylinders?
F and larger

What is the primary objective for oxygen therapy?
It is to provide sufficient amounts of oxygen to the tissues so that normal metabolism can occur and life can be maintained

The fusible plug of small cylinders is designed to melt at what temperature
65.6 – 76.7 degrees C

The ICC regulated the testing of compressed gas cylinders from what year to what year?
1948 to 1970

Name the 2 flammable gases
Ethylene and cyclopropane

What two types of gas does a brown and green cylinder contain?
Oxygen and Helium

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