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Colan Miller
Professor Dodge
October 31, 2013Sports Have you ever loved something since you were a young kid? What were the sports you enjoyed playing when you were younger? Ever since I was younger I’ve always loved sports, whether it was watching them or playing them. Sports are and have always been something to keep you occupied. Not only are they a great source for exercise but they also keep many kids living in the struggling neighborhoods out of trouble.
One thing I’ve always enjoyed about sports is the fact that they’re always on TV because there isn’t just one sport on or one game on a day; it’s usually multiple sports or multiple games. I could go to some type of sporting event everyday and just sit there throughout the whole game without getting bored. My to favorite sports to watch are Baseball and Basketball, Baseball is fun to watch just because it’s my favorite sport to play, and Basketball is always exciting no matter what two teams are playing.
I’ve been playing sports since about 1st grade. The sports I’ve played are, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, football, bowling and tennis. All of these sports were so much fun to play but as I grew older I didn’t really enjoy playing them as much as when I was younger. Soccer, hockey, bowling and tennis after a few years weren’t as fun as when I was younger because they weren’t as high paced and intense as I wanted them to be. Baseball, basketball and football are the sports I stuck with throughout my life up until High School, where I continued to play basketball and baseball for my High School teams. These 3 sports I always enjoyed playing whether it was in an organized league or it was just a pickup game with some of my friends.
My all-time favorite sport that I’ve played and will always play until the day I die is baseball. Baseball has been one sport that’s always been played in my family, both my Dad and my Uncle were star athletes in High School for baseball. Also, my Uncle was…

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