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Sports Motivation Paper Having the pressure of making sure you lead a wining football team in state of Texas can be very tough. The coach has a heavy weight on their shoulders. Keeping a strong wining motivated team is a job that just not anyone can do. Not only do you have to know how to play the sport, manage the team and, keep up with the trends, advertisement and most of all keep the team motivated. Sometimes with all the different things going on motivation can get lost. The reputation and the personal impact of having the wining team is crucial.

The city spirit and motivation is a need to the team just as having a great football field to play on. Texas is known for football the motivation from players and the audience is an important role. Our motivation consulting firm is here to jump start your way to a wining strike. We will have your players pumped with self confidence and self esteem to help make the wining easier. Our firm will show you ways to make motivation come easy and be able to help you on through those rough times We have training programs for not only coaches

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but for the players too. Our goal is to make your job easier.

First of all we will make sure everyone is clear on the word “Motivation” “The word motivation is coined from the Latin word “movere”, which means to move. Motivation is defined as an internal drive that activates behavior and gives it direction. The term motivation theory is concerned with the processes that describe why and how human behavior is activated and directed. ” (www. ezinearticles. com) The job of a coach for a sports team is to win the game through the players. To do this the coach should be able to motivate the each of the players. But that’s easier said then done most of the time.

Motivation practice and theory are difficult subjects, touching on several disciplines. Motivation is not clearly understood and more often poorly practice. That is why our consulting firm will step in the make this easier. It is our duty to help focus on motivation while the coach is focusing on the players needs. “The role psychology has to play in a sporting context is often over looked, especially at the grass roots level of competition. As athletes reach towards an Elite level of competition, ‘psychological coaching’ becomes a whole lots more apparent, event though there had always been psychological factors at play.

It is important however, to begin to highlight and examine the role of motivation at the grass roots level in order to try and identify what keeps an athlete going, and what increases the athlete’s probability of achieving results in accordance with their true potential” (www. gpsorts. com). With our Motivation company being able to understand psychological coaching can be stress full. We will be able to teach and guide you through steps to take action when situation arises. We will also explain how motivation can lead up to wining and how the players will benefit from the incentives and rewards our program has to have offer.

Another important role in helping a football team is focusing on attribution theory. This is the most dominant theory with implication for academic motivation. It incorporates behavior modification in the sense that it emphasizes the idea that learners are strongly motivated by the pleasant outcome of being able to feel good about themselves. The attribution theory, is also the clarification that a group can tend to make to explain a victory or failure that can be considered in terms of three sets of characteristics: You can find these characteristics stated from Weiner, 1980, 1992. First, the cause of the success or failure may be internal or external of a person. That is, we may succeed or fail because of factors that we believe have their origin within us or because of factors that originate in our environment. •Second, the cause of the success or failure may be either stable or unstable. If the we believe cause is stable, then the outcome is likely to be the same if we perform the same behavior on another occasion. If it is unstable, the outcome is likely to be different on another occasion. •Third, the cause of the success or failure may be either controllable or uncontrollable.

A controllable factor is one which we believe we ourselves can alter if we wish to do so. An uncontrollable factor is one that we do not believe we can easily alter. The four factors that are related to attribution theory will influence motivation in sports: ability, task difficulty, effort, and luck. Being able to work as team is important. We will be here to help guide with our full staff with exercise to build these characterize and build motivation to proceed in the direction of a wining team. We can not guarantee a wining game but, we can guarantee your team will not be sore losers.

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