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The Common Wealth Games is organised by the Commonwealth Games Federation ( CGF ) , a brotherhood of around 70 states lying in the major continents: Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Caribbean and Oceania. The CGF was formed in the twelvemonth 1930 by Bobby Robinson with a house will of advancing and observing an ambiance of unique, friendly, universe category Games in these member states and besides beef uping dealingss between the Commonwealth states. The chief purpose of the commonwealth games are: Humanity, Equality and Destiny.

To better the criterion of life of the occupants and the social norms the Commonwealth Games Federation is besides a steadfast protagonist of instruction and awareness via athleticss and diversion. The common wealth game is the lone Games Federation that has a common linguistic communication for conversation i.e. English. For this ground, the Commonwealth Games have besides been coined as “ Friendly Games ” , and therefore have been a beginning of inspiration amongst the Youth of the Commonwealth Nations, to stand out in games and athleticss.


After its construct in 1930, the Commonwealth Games were known as the British Empire Games, followed by other rubrics like the British Empire and British Common Wealth Games. In 1978, the Commonwealth member states took a consentaneous determination to name them “ The Commonwealth Games ” . The first Common Wealth Games ( 1930 ) were held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Since so, the Common Wealth Games are held in every four old ages except in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II.The states that conducted the games are as follows




Hamilton, Canada


London, England


Sydney, Australia


Auckland, New Zealand


Vancouver, Canada


Cardiff, Wales


Perth, Australia


Kingston, Jamaica


Edinburgh, Scotland


Christchurch, New Zealand


Edmonton, Canada


Brisbane, Australia


Edinburgh, Scotland


Auckland, New Zealand


Victoria, Canada


Kaulalampur, Malaysia


Manchester, England


Melbourne, Australia


New Delhi, India

There are presently 53 commonwealth states and 71 take parting squads. Typically around 5000 jocks participate in the Commonwealth Games which make it one of the biggest international featuring events in footings of engagement. The last Commonwealth Games were conducted in Melbourne, Australia, the capital of VictoriaState and the 2nd largest metropolis of the Kangaroo Continent. India will be hosting the Common Wealth Games for the first clip and Asia for the 2nd clip. The athleticss in Common Wealth Games are Cycling, Netball, Rugby, and Weightlifting, Shooting, Squash, Table Tennis, Aquatics, Athletics, Gymnastics, Hockey, Badminton, Basketball, Bowls, Boxing and Triathlon. The Commonwealth games are a platform for states with diverse economic backgrounds have an chance for interaction. The primary activities of the Commonwealth are designed to make an ambiance of economic co-operation between member states, every bit good as the publicity of democracy, human rights, and good administration in those states.


India will be merely the 3rd developing state to host the event after Jamaica in 1966 and Malaysia in 1998. This is merely the 2nd clip the event will be held in Asia. The success of these games may besides beef up India ‘s command for 2016 Summer Olympics. This will be the biggest multi-sport event conducted in the India. In past New Delhi has proudly experienced playing host to the Asiatic Games in 1951 and 1982 ( Asiad ) . Preparations are in full swing and New Delhi is comfortably run intoing all the mark day of the months. The proposed day of the months for the Games are 3 – 14 October 2010 inclusive of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The Delhi Games Village is to be constructed as a low rise medium development on a 40 acre site in the bosom of the capital with a possible capacity for 8,500 jocks and functionaries.

apart from being merely a affair of repute for the state, it ‘s affair of chance and concern. Experts say that 2010 will be a twelvemonth of concern for touristry and athleticss and many other related industries. That will give India return for all its investings in a really efficient manner, it is clear from the media, concerns and politicians that the chief focal point is on substructure. To reconstruct everything as if everything is truly international experience. Finally, we all know what is traveling to go on, the rise in monetary values for belongings, materials of general usage ( there was no female parent dairy till the 1982 Asiad happened, they removed all the cattles from houses and this construct was floated ) .

Indian Government reportedly is traveling to pass $ 17.5 million for the extroverted Commonwealth Games 2010. The 17 athletics subjects will be held at several bowls of Delhi and new bowls are being built for the games. The gap ceremonial will be held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on October 3 when the Queen ‘s Baton Rally will make Delhi after going assorted states get downing from Buckingham Palace, London.


The substructure for the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 is jointly prepared and executed by Delhi Government and Central Government and besides by some international companies. The substructure for the games include development of mass rapid theodolite system, development of public conveyance system, building of new main roads & A ; new power workss, games village, redevelopment of guesthouses, H2O public-service corporation services and wellness attention services.

A games small town undertaking is undergoing on the bank of River Yamuna which will hold a capacity to suit around 8500 jocks and games functionaries. To supply easy handiness to the games venue, infirmaries and tourers topographic points, overpasss, trefoil foliage and Bridgess are built by the Delhi Government. A guesthouse beautification undertakings will be implemented in Paharganj and Karol Bagh country. It is under procedure initiated by the Tourism Ministry of India. Even the inns of educational establishments will besides be used for adjustment intent during the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi. The Old Delhi country will be renovated before the games. Chandi Chowk and its nearby countries will be converted into a heritage walk slow metropolis.

Two Australian companies will besides be involved in the substructure undertakings in Delhi Queensland-based company, Taiyo Membrane Corporation will construct the tensile roof for the Flagship Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium for the Commonwealth Games 2010.Taiyo, and other first Queensland companies such as HOK athleticss, AEG Ogden, Rebound Ace, Golders Associates and Nexus Gamegear, have been involved in constructing state-of-the-art athleticss substructure across the universe, from the roof of the 50,000-seat Nelson Mandela Stadium in South Africa to the Hockey Club in Hong Kong.

The entire budget estimated for hosting the Games is US $ 1.6 billion and this sum excludes non-sports-related substructure development in the metropolis like airdromes, roads and other constructions. This will probably do the 2010 Commonwealth Games the most expensive Commonwealth Games of all time, being larger than the old games in Melbourne 2006 ( approx. US $ 1.1 billion ) .


The Commonwealth Business Club India will endeavor to pull high-power concern deputations from offshore to India during the Games and enable them to leverage the unfolding chance for transacting concern and bask the Games.

The OC CWG Delhi 2010 joined custodies with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( FICCI ) on 22 September 2009 to efficaciously utilize the Delhi 2010 platform to ease deeper economic and trade relationships amongst the Commonwealth fraternity. This coming together of a national athleticss organic structure and a national concern chamber with a immense planetary presence and outreach is expected to better the sporting and the concern communities into spearheading and distributing the civilization of athleticss and enterprise to raise athleticss sponsorships and besides market India as a preferable concern spouse and finish. Towards this terminal, the OC CWG Delhi 2010 and FICCI have signed a Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU ) to enable the OC CWG Delhi 2010-led Commonwealth Business Club India ( CBCI ) , achieve these aims.

The OC CWG Delhi 2010 and FICCI will work towards distributing the civilization of athletics. They will portion information on events, publications and activities of involvement to the administrations and their stakeholders, work towards raising consciousness among athleticss organic structures and academic establishments and guarantee safe working and featuring environment.


The most ambitious factor for the Commonwealth authorization is sing the handiness of the hotel room. As per the beginnings, during the yearss of Commonwealth Games there will be demands of 40,000 suites, but presently there are merely 7000 to 7500 suites available. But, the authorization is truly working difficult to make-up the lack of suites. The authorization is seeking to set up the needed suites in the National Capital Region ( NCR ) . But, harmonizing to the experts if the hotel suites from the topographic points like Paharganj, Daryaganj and Karol Bagh are used so besides there will be lack of around 15000 suites. Furthermore, the experts think that apart from the demands 5000-6000 extra suites are of now there a a vacancy of approximately 50 % in suites for the people who are expected. The most ambitious factor for the Commonwealth authorization is sing the handiness of the hotel room. As per the beginnings, during the yearss of Commonwealth Games there will be demands of 40,000 suites, but presently there are merely 7000 to 7500 suites available. But, the authorization is truly working difficult to make-up the lack of suites. The authorization is seeking to set up the needed suites in the National Capital Region ( NCR ) . But, harmonizing to the experts if the hotel suites from the topographic points like Paharganj, Daryaganj and Karol Bagh are used so besides there will be lack of around 15000 suites. Furthermore, the experts think that apart from the demands 5000-6000 extra suites are of now there a a vacancy of approximately 50 % in suites for the people who are expected.

Harmonizing to the beginnings, the Bread and Breakfast adjustment units are seen as an option and some of them think that the current 300 units in the metropolis are expected to touch the 1000 grade really shortly. But, the job is that the Numberss merely do non add up. If we take a expression back to the last olympic Games, which was held in Shanghai, China entirely boasted of 135,000 suites compared to 110,000 suites in all hotels in India in the three and five-star segments.Presently, the Cardinal Government and the Delhi Government jointly are giving their best attempts in order to confront the challenges diplomatically

The Yamuna is already in a unsafe status. With all the building traveling on the inundation field of Yamuna, it will further choke the extremely contaminated country and enchantment danger to the H2O security of the metropolis.


There are five cardinal stakeholders who are responsible for the successful bringing of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi. It is incumbent upon these stakeholders to set about all steps, including equal fiscal commissariats, to present the Games in the most befitting mode within the model of the Constitution, Protocol and Guidelines of the Commonwealth Games Federation ( CGF ) . The cardinal bringing spouses are:

Commonwealth Games Federation ( CGF ) ;

Indian Olympics Association ( IOA ) ;

Organizing Committee ( OC ) ;

Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi ( GNCTD ) ;

Government of India ( GoI ) .

The demand to carry through multiple functional functions every bit good as several support countries in the administration and direction of an event of the stature of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi besides includes several ministries, sections and bureaus of GoI and several local and municipal organic structures of the GNCTD within the horizon of bringing spouses.

Commonwealth Games Federation

The CGF, headquartered in London, is the administration that is responsible for the way and control of the Commonwealth Games. The CGF is the supreme authorization in all affairs refering the Commonwealth Games. The administration of the CGF is through the General Assembly and the Executive Board of the Federation. Ultimate authorization lies with the General Assembly of member states and districts, which meets one time per twelvemonth. The Executive Board consists of the Officers of the CGF and a Regional Vice President from each of the CGF` six parts.

The Commonwealth Games is awarded to a Commonwealth Games Association ‘s ( CGA ‘s ) campaigner metropolis by the CGF at its General Assembly. This metropolis is chosen seven old ages in progress of the eventual hosting. The CGF entrusts the CGA of the Host Country with the administration of the Games.

Olympic Association

The IOA is the apex sporting organic structure in India responsible for the readying and engagement of rivals in the Olympic Games every bit good as in events such as the Commonwealth Games and the Asiatic Games. A separate federation at the national degree in each game/sport assists the IOA in readying of sportswomans.

The IOA is the CGA in India and the signer to the Host City Contract to carry on the Games in Delhi. It is committed, in coaction with National Sports Federations andGOI to fix the best possible squad for the Games. It besides plays an of import function in the finalization of the Joint Marketing Programme Agreement ( JMPA ) of the Games.

Organizing Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi

The IOC has delegated the duty for carry throughing the duties of the Host City Contract – under Protocol 2 of the Contract, in conformity with Article 27 C of the Constitution and with the blessing of the Commonwealth Games Federation ( CGF ) – to the Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi. The OC CWG Delhi 2010 is therefore empowered to be after, pull off and present XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi. It was formed on 10 February 2005, as a registered society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 of India. It is a non-profit independent organic structure that works in coaction with its spouses to construct a committed squad and follow best patterns for the successful bringing of the Games.

Government of Delhi

The GNCTD represents the host metropolis. It is committed to guarantee the bringing of the needed Games substructure, civic substructure, comfortss and services including beautification of the metropolis to supply an gratifying experience to visitants during the Games. It is committed to follow with all commissariats of the Host City Contract.

Government of India

GOI is the autonomous authorities of the host state that has supported the Games since the initial command phase. It is committed to guarantee equal financess for the behavior of the Games to the OC CWG Delhi 2010 every bit good as for the development of the needed substructure to assorted bureaus.

The bureaus of GOI that are specifically committed to the bringing of the Games are:

Ministry of Home Affairs for the behavior eventuality direction and planning ; and for the planning and enforcement of security steps in conformity with Games Statement of Securities Principles.

Ministry of External Affairs for aid in treating Gratis Visa and work licenses ;

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to organize the Games in conformity with the fundamental law, protocols and ordinances of the CGF ; and to supply timely financess for the Games substructure and operations ;

Ministry of Commerce and Industry to supply infinite for Media Press Centre ( MPC ) /Media Broadcasting Centre ( MBC ) and warehousing through the India Trade Promotion Organisation ( ITPO ) ; and

Sports Authority of India ( SAI ) to develop competitions and developing locales as per the locale Jockey shortss ; supply the locale media Centre at all competition locales and supply the Dope Laboratory.


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