Sports Marketing Vocabulary

Borrowed Equity
Using the appeal of an event to market a product
Transaction between a producer & consumer
An individual that supplies a product or service
An individual that uses a product or service
Sports Marketing
The application of marketing principles to sports and nonsports products through sports
A source of diversion engaged in for pleasure
Marketing of Sports
Marketing Principles used to market a team
Marketing through Sports
Marketing of a non-sports product during a sporting event
Sports Agent
Intermediary that markets talent and determines an athlete’s worth in a market
Sports Intermediary
Organization that markets an event
An athlete which is NOT monetarily paid
All individuals at or exposed to an event
Behavioral Segmentation
Segmentation based on Rate of use
An individual which uses a product or service
Segmentation based on measurable statistics
An individual that makes a purchase
Gate Receipt
Total money from ticket sales for an event
Segmentation based on area, region, or climate
Market Segment
Separating consumers into smaller groups
Niche Market
A relatively small market with specialized need
Organized Sport
A sport which is overseen by a sanctioning body
An athlete which is monetarily paid for performance
Segmentation based on personal interest and activities
A source of diversion or activity engaged in for pleasure
Stadium as Place
Simultaneous production & consumption of sports events at a
Arbitrary Allocation
Promotional budgeting by “what I can afford”
Area in which sponsorships are classified (fast food)
A drawback to sponsorship, where sponsors blend in with all of the other
promotions delivered at an event
Competitive parity
Promotional budgeting by “follow the market leader”
Direct goal
A measurable and tangible goal
A sponsorship where only one partner is promoted or allowed
promotional opportunities
Evaluation of a sponsorship to determine “if it would work”
Indirect goal
A goal which can be “felt” but not directly measured.
Increasing a sponsorship with additional marketing efforts
Percentage of sales
Promotional budgeting using a set percent of gross sales
Objective and task
Promotional budgeting which funds a specific goal
Company which sells merchandise to the end user
Signature Sponsor
A sponsor who has paid for the most exposure and is most promoted during an event or at a property
A corporate entity which is involved with a sports property in order to gain exposure and promote their products
Sports cape
The physical surroundings of a venue that impact spectators’ desire to stay and return to the venue
Sports Property
Marketing item of value; such as a league, team, coach, or player
Season Ticket
Tickets purchased for a block of games during a season; typically better quality seats.
Return on Investment
Represents benefits of sponsors & advertisers for being involved in an event
Personal Seat License
License purchased by a ticket holder which entitles that person to buy that seat’s tickets
Luxury Box
Seating typically purchased/leased by corporations and used for business meetings & entertainment
A company with a popular “official” logo
Authorized use of a brand, brand name, brand mark, trademark or trade name
A company with a license to reproduce an official brand mark
Event Marketing
Applying marketing principles to the promotion and operation of an event
A company’s efforts at developing a personality and image
A company’s identifying mark or logo
Ad schedule
organizes promotional message delivery
One way mass communications paid for by an identified sponsor
Method of distribution for a promotional message
Personal Selling
Interactive and interpersonal promotions meant to develop relationships and increase customer satisfaction
Promotion Mix
The combination of promotional efforts for a business
Public Relations
building a good image in the community: community involvement
and good will
NONpaid, news-style mass communications about a product or
Sales Promotion
Retailer focused promotion aimed at increasing short term sales goals

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