Sports Marketing Vocabulary Terms

Amateur Athlete
A person who does not get paid to play a sport
Statistics that describe a population in terms of personal characteristics
Extreme Sports
Sports that involve nontraditional, daring methods of athletic competition.
Segmentation of the market based on where people live or work
Potential customers with shared needs who have the desire and ability to buy a product or services
Market Segmentation
A way of analyzing a market by specific charcteristics in order to create a target market
Market Share
The percentage of the total sales of all companies that sell the same type of product or service.
The process of developing, promoting, and distributing products to satisfy customers’ wants or needs.
Marketing Concept
Businesses must satisfy customers’ needs and wants in order to make a profit
Professional Athlete
An athlete who has the will and ability to earn an income from a particular sport
Studies of consumers based on social and psychological charcteristics.
Identifies talented athletes for team organizations and provides player analysis to the organization
Sports Agencies
Companies that specialize in marketing and managing sports events, sports teams, and professional athletes
Sports Agent
Obtains and negotiates employment and endorsement contracts for althetes
Sports Consumer
A person who may play, officate, watch or listen to sports, or read, use, purchase, and/or collect items related to sports.
Sports Marketing
All the marketing activies designed to satisfy the needs and wants of sports consumers
Sports Products
The goods, services, ideas, or combination of those things related to sports that provide satisfaction to a consumer
Target Market
A specific group of consumers that an organization selects as the focus of its marketing plan

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