Sports Marketing CSUSM 2

Jeff Gould (Overview)
– In charge of new membership and group sales/season tickets
– Sales 1st, Sports 2nd
– Offers members extra incentives to become season ticket holders
– Cannot treat every season ticket holder equally but can treat them fairly
– Communication with fans is key component
– Uses the “compadres” for social media and also a point system to redeem for extra things such as safari park and Petco Park tours
– 3 face to face interactions during season = 95% Renewal Rate
– Gave the “Elevator Analogy” where sea on ticket holders may fluctuate their games in different seasons such as having an 80 game, 60 game, and 40 game season ticket pass in different years
Jeff Gould: 4 types of Fans
1. Social Fan
2. Fanatic Fan
3. Family Fan
4. Business Fan
Jeff Gould: Challenges
1. People are very passionate and get mad at Jeff for things he cannot control. People make decisions with their heart and not their head.
2. Transparent market because so many people want to live in San Diego but are not truly SD sports fans
3. Moving into a social media world and tech savvy generations
Basking In Reflected Glory (BIRG)
– Improving ones self image by associating w/ successful and popular others
– No matter how strong or weak the connection really is with that person/team/celebrity
Original Study By Cialdini (Sports Gear After Win/Loss)
– A larger majority of students wore school gear the following Monday of a win rather than following a loss
– They want to associate themselves more with a school who wins so it improves their self image
Pronouns either saying “we and us” or “they and them”
BIRG Motive: Self Esteem & Achievement
– Motivating Factor: Improving self image
– By connecting to & celebrating teams victories
– Desire for victory is stronger than other motives
BIRG & Fan Identification
– Fair-Weather Fans also BIRG
The “Champions” That Don’t Win
– Losing teams clothes get sent to third world countries and help clothe poor citizens around the world
Social Norms For BIRGing
– We don’t like fair weather fans
– Switching teams to the team who wins is counter productive
Winning Other Championships
– Division/Conference
– Beating a rival
– Past accomplishments
– Individual accomplishments
Cutting Off Reflected Failure (CORF)
– Improving ones self image by dissassociating from unsuccessful others
– Fair weather fans CORF
– Die hard fans DO NOT CORF
Extensions of BIRG & CORF
– Blasting: Derogatory reactions to others after own teams failure
– Coping mechanism to deal with defeat
– Die-Hard fans blast
Basking In Spite Of Reflected Failure (BIRF)
– Publicizing an association w/ unsuccessful others
– By showing loyalty to a losing team one boosts self-esteem by trying to be seen as legitimate “Die Hard Fans”
– Die Hard Fans BIRF
– Fair Weather fans BIRF
Glory Out Of Reflected Failure (GORF)
– Improving self image through failure of rivals
– Die hard fans GORF
– Pleasure at misfortune of others
– Die hard fans enjoy rivals failures
Cutting Off Reflected Success (CORS)
– Weakening or terminating affiliation w/ a team during a period of achievement
– Building self esteem by: dislike for fair weather fans who jump on the band wagon
– Showing individuality and rebellion
Cutting Off Future Failure (COFF)
– Disassociating from potential future failure
– Coping mechanism to deal with potential future failure
– Die hard fans COFF
May use excessive optimism for the potential failure to make it less painful when they do lose and more exciting when they win
Are motives connected to caring about sports outcome?
Caring about the outcome is the primary factor:
– Economic Motives
– Esteem Motives
Caring about the outcome is not primary factor:
– Appreciation (aesthetics, stars, physical attractiveness)
– Entertainment Motives (diversion, eustress/drama)
– Social Motives (group affiliation, family)
Caring About the Outcome: Economic Motives
– Motivating Factor: Potential economic gains at stake
– Gambling
– Fantasy Sports
*1st fantasy league was called the rotisserie league and they met at a chicken place to bet on games*
Appreciation Motives: Aesthetics
– Motivating Factor: Appreciation for grace and beauty of the sport
– Focus of specific sports and elegance
– Desire to see the mastery go the athletes and the great plays they can make, which applies to ALL SPORTS
– Media Highlights
– All-Star games and Skills Contests
Appreciation Motives: Star Appeal/ Personalities
– Motivating Factor: Watching interesting stars
– Exciting stars are more marketable
Appreciation Motives: Sex Appeal
– Motivating Factor: Watching attractive and fit athletes
Entertainment Motives: Diversion
– Sports enable people to escape from everyday life issues and problems
– Adding additional features and activities to games for increased entertainment
Entertainment Motives: Eustress (Good Stress)/Drama
– Especially relevant for media broadcasting sports
– Motivating Factor: To experience drama & excitement
Social Motives: Social Affiliation
– Motivating Factor: To have the opportunity for interaction and affiliation with other people
– Targeting Groups
– Facilitating fans building a community
Social Motives: Family
– Motivating Factor: To build a bond with family
– Sports provide this opportunity to bond
Targeting Families
– Kids = Future Fans
– Builds interest early
– Kids influence family decisions
Catering to Families
– Ways to appeal to kids
– Kids club
– Web page caters to kids
– Build connections
– Mascots
– Kid friendly sports facility
Family, Sports, and Values
– Parents use values from sports to bond with children
– Sports teach lessons and provide inspiration
– Highlighted by movies, shows, and media stories showcasing inspiring stories
– Community involvement
Rough Make-Up of the Test
– 15 Multiple choice questions
– 10-15 Short Answers with multiple extensions (A,B,C,D)
Sponsorship Spending Globally
– 57.5 Billion in 2015
– 21 Billion in the U.S. (70% on sports)
Social Identity: Consumer
– Identification with property
– Sports teams are a form of strong social identity
– Fan identification is often associated with biased information processing
Disposition Theory Of Sport Spectatorship
– Either extreme love or extreme hate
Responses toward sponsors of favorite drivers
– 94% identified correctly the primary sponsor of their favorite driver
– Average likelihood to buy from sponsor was 7.2/10
– 83% identified the driver sponsor they hate
– Likelihood of buying that product was 4.3/10
Implications: Sponsorship Consideration
– Sponsor entire league = safer option, less risky, less pay
– Sponsor both rivals
Title Sponsorship
– sponsors name becomes part of properties official name
ex: McDonald All American game, farmers insurance open
Sponsorship Leveraging
– Sponsor uses marketing communication to develop the marketing potential of the association b/w the property and sponsor
Sponsorship Activation
– Sponsor uses activities to promote engagement & involvement of the sponsorship audience
Goals of Leveraging/Activation
– To reduce the chances of successful ambushing attempts
– To establish & reinforce the connection b/w sponsor & property in fans minds
– To maximize sponsorship impact & help sponsor accomplish desired business objectives
Goals of Ambushing
– To maximize the effect of official sponsors by confusing fans who is the real sponsor
– To attract peoples attention
Sponsors Can/Non-Sponsors Cannot:
– Use property trademark
– Have presence on event site
– Offer tix for events
– Have presence on website
– Use game footage in ADS
Both Sponsors and Non-Sponsors Can:
– Use themes related to property
– Use athletes in ads & promotions (sponsors in uniform, non-sponsors not in uniform)
– Can advertise on TV when event is shown
– Can sponsor TV broadcast of event
Activation Opportunities (For Sponsors Only)
– Use of properties trademarks
– On site presence
– Presence on website
Steve Fuller License Process
– Application, Marketing Plan, Financial Details, CSR Information, Other licenses held, Product Sample, Digital Mock-ups
Steve Fuller 3 types of licenses
1. Retail
2. On-campus
3. Local
Ambush Marketing: Intentional and Legal
– become sponsor of lower level team or division
– sponsor team to ambush league
– put brand signs up around near the event
– give material with brand logo to fans
Counter Ambushing
Lesson 1: Expect to be ambushed
Lesson 2: If an ambush were obvious, it wouldn’t be an ambush
Lesson 3: Don’t always expect the property to take care of you
Lesson 4: Ambushees over-reacting to an ambush can look like bullies
Lesson 5: Being a sponsor alone wont do the marketing job for you
Lesson 6: Consumers don’t care about ambushing
Biggest Sponsorship Deal
– Barcelona $45 Million per year from Qatar Airways
– $5 Million per year from Intel

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