Sports Marketing Chapter 9

There are ______ basic sections found in most marketing plans.
This part of the marketing plan involves answering the question: “Did we accomplish our marketing objectives in the specific time frame?”
evaluation and control
What is the ultimate goal of a marketing strategy?
customer satisfaction
a written document that provides direction for the marketing activities of a company for a specific period of time
marketing plan
an overview of the marketing plan
executive summary
a study of the internal and external factors that impact a marketing plan
situation analysis
a method that identifies target markets to make marketing-mix decisions that focus on those target markets
marketing strategy
putting the marketing plan into action
things that occur which could be rewarding to a company
problems that occur due to any environmental factor that negatively impact a company
assets that a company posseses
anything that creates customer dissatisfaction
This part of the marketing plan involves a lot of communication between all parties
Marketing plans are usually proprietary
An objective in a marketing plan should be complicated
A marketing plan helps a company monitor its performance
The SWOT analysis helps a business and its employees to organize the factors that influence its success
facilities or locations where sporting events take place
sports venues
companies that specialize in marketing and managing sports events, sports teams, and professional athletes
sports agencies
You have to be an athlete to work in the sports industry.
Where are sporting goods sold?
Both retail outlets and wholesale outlets.
Advertising campaigns need to be approved and coordinated with an in-house marketing department
A related job that involves seeking out companies to sponsor special promotions and events
Sponsorship sale executive
What is the goal of the sales jobs?
Generate revenue for the organization or special event
What is the marketing department’s job?
To implement the marketing goals and objectives
All college conferences are governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association
What is the job of sports agents?
to handle contract negotiations with the athlete, a team, and corporate sponsors.

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