Sports Marketing ~ Chapter 13 Terms

financial and business counselors for celebrities (p. 346)
the legal representative of an athlete or celebrity (p. 344)
Agent contract
an agreement in which an athlete allows a person or agency to represent the athlete in marketing the athlete’s ability and name (p. 347)
Broadcast flags
digital bits imbedded in digital programming to prevent programs from being recorded and redistributed (p. 333)
Collective bargaining
a group of employees join together as a single unit to negotiate with employers (p. 338)
Collective bargaining agreement (CBA)
contract negotiated by a players’ association (p. 338)
agreements enforceable by law that detail the business transaction (p. 347)
Copyright laws
protect the unique work of the originator within the geographic boundaries to which the laws apply (p. 334)
in broadcasting, authorization cable service providers need from local governmental agencies to sell their services in a given area (p. 333)
people sponsors pay to work closely with athletes who are unable or unwilling to police themselves (p. 346)
Intellectual property
the unique works of writers, artists, and musicians that can be protected under copyright law (p. 334)
Noncompete clause
prohibits a person from working in a competing business for a specific period of time (p. 348)
Player’s associations
labor unions for athletes in major professional sports (p. 338)
fee paid to the owner of a copyright for the use of the copyrighted work (p. 334)
Salary cap
a maximum amount that a team can spend on players’ salaries (p. 339)

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