Sports Marketing Ch 3

Sports marketing
markeintg activitves desinged to satsiy the needs and wants of sports consumers
amateur athlete
a person who does not get paid to play a sport
National Collegiate Athletic Assoction( Collage sports)
Pro Athlete
an athlete that gets paid to play a sport
Title IX
law that bans gender discrimination in schools that recive fedral funds
Extreme Sports
sports that invole nontradional daring methods of athletic competion
Define sports marketing
all the marketing activities designed to satisfy the needs and wants of sports consumers.
Explain the difference between the marketing of sports and the marketing through sports
Marketing for sports is the way of promoting a game. Like for collages before the Rose Bowl you will normally see commercials or advertisements for the big game. The marketing through sports is by, an announcement during a Yankee game, like saying go buy a pretzel from the snack stand
Identify the different categories of sports.
Ametur, highschool, collage, and professional.
Explain why the sports consumer is not just attracted to professional sports.
They’re not attracted to pro sports because some pros are too cocky and stubborn. Most of college athletes try in their sport and take the sport seriously.
Name one difference between an amateur sport and a professional athlete.
One difference between the two is an amateur athlete doesn’t get paid.
Name five or more international sports.
Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Swimming, Track, Tennis, Golf.
Identify one significant female athlete in sports history.
Billie Jean King- Battle of the sexes. She proved that women are as good as men at tennis and that women could play sports too.
Discuss some factors that contribute to the popularity of extreme sports.
People enjoy the thrill of their heart race and stomach knot, they link this with entertainment and enjoyment.

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