Sports & Entertainment Marketing 3.06-3.07

E-Mail Marketing
Sending promotional messages across computer networks
Opt-In (Permission Based)
Customer grants a business permission to send them the promotional e-mails, product announcements, or newsletters
Double Opt-In
Requires recipients to confirm that they want to be a registered email subscriber
Customers have the option to stop receiving emails; email contains an explanation of the process to be removed from the list
Viral Marketing
A marketing technique in which businesses try to get consumers to talk about their company, product, or message
Unsolicited (unwanted) junk e-mail sent out to advertise a product
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
E-mails that contain colorful logos, graphics, background designs, animations, sound, banner ads
Non-interactive content
Plain-text e-mail used to correspond among friends, family members, and coworkers
Links within message
Link a word, graphic, or other element to another place within the e-mail
Links to websites
Link from somewhere within the e-mail to a web site
A file sent with an e-mail. (Word document, PowerPoint presentation, jpg photo)
Streaming media
Delivers sound, video, or animations when the recipient opens the message or clicks on a “play” button
Individualized addresses
Individual e-mail address in the “To” field to personalize e-mail advertising
Inserting personal information such as name and title, within an e-mail message to make customers feel unique and special
E-mail software can function automatically (send personalized e-mails to entire customer list or create list of undeliverable addresses)
automatically replies to incoming emails to confirm orders and newsletter subscriptions
Plain text email
Easy to create and least expensive email, most common, text can be formatted to be pleasant to eye, may contain links
Rich media email
Expensive email and complicated with video + graphics; requires tech knowledge, extra space, and internet
Full-service firms
Most expensive distribution method, suggest target markets, create al content, execute mailings, track results and longer lead time
Hosting services
Distribution method where monthly fee is based on mailings
Distribution method where cost is not tied to mailings, control of all content, chances, requires email software or distribution

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