Sports and Entertainment Marketing Chapter 8

Event Marketing
All activities that associated with the sale, distribution and promotion of a sports event
Promotional Mix
Any combination of advertising, sales promotion, publicity and personal selling
Percentage of Sales Method
Budget is in direct connection with sales
Competitive Parity
When a company looks for industry trends for how much to spend
Having equality or similarity
Objective and Task Method
When a company sets an objective for their promotion and decide what promotion activities are needed to reach those promotions
Any paid promotion of an idea, good or service from an identified sponsor
Goal of selling the item being promoted
Institutional Advertising
Advertising with the goal developing good will or positive image
Sales promotion
This is a short term incentive to get consumers interested in buying a product
Redeemed at a retail store
Sent to the manufacturer for redemption and reimbursement
These are give aways to potential customers
These are items given away free with the purchase of murchandise
Public Relations
Activities that promote the image and communicatetion the company has with the employees, customers, investors and the public
Free mention of a product in the media
Press Release
News worthy article that provides basic information to answer questions about a subject (who, what, when, and why)
Looking for potential customers or leads
Personal Selling
Direct communication by a sales person to a potential customer

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